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The Ron Paul Institute will undertake a variety of programs to help fulfill our educational mission. These will include:

Peace and Prosperity Summer School

A week-long seminar for university students in political science, international relations, journalism, and other relevant areas of study. The curriculum will be designed together with the Institute’s distinguished and diverse academic board. The Institute is currently exploring opportunities to partner with several universities overseas, in the spirit of Dr. Paul’s strongly held views that American citizens should be actively engaged overseas.

Student Writing and Scholarship Award

This program will provide publishing and mentoring opportunities for university student journalists. The Institute will prominently feature college newspaper writing submitted by students and will award a cash scholarship and certificate to the very best submissions. The goal is to help nurture the next generation of foreign affairs and current affairs writers.

Seminars and Symposia

The Institute will host a number of special seminars and symposia on the pressing issues of the day, drawing on its broad network of experts and contacts developed from Dr. Paul’s decades of public life. The Institute will tackle difficult and timely topics such as the counter-productivity of US sanctions and the harm sanctions do to the US economy.

Peace and Prosperity Publishers

The Institute will produce in-house and commission numerous print publications, including planned titles, “The Non-Intervention Reader,” and more. The goal of the publishing component is to provide the tools of persuasion to those who support our approach as well as provide historical background and alternatives to dominant themes.

Peace Coalition

The Institute will focus considerable efforts toward establishing a broad coalition of like-minded individuals and organizations to put forth a highly diverse united front in support of the principles of non-interventionism abroad and support for civil liberties at home. This project is an extension of Dr. Paul’s decades of coalition-building while in the US House of Representatives.

People to People Diplomacy

The Institute is currently exploring opportunities to establish a people-to-people diplomacy program to enhance the engagement of American citizens overseas. Dr. Paul strongly believes that Americans must not isolate themselves from the rest of the world through sanctions and travel restrictions. This program will specifically target for enhanced citizen diplomacy countries where official US Government diplomacy is determined to be overly interventionist and meddling.