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PATRIOT Act extension...

USA FREEDOM Act: Just Another Word for Lost Liberty

Ron Paul May 3, 2015


Apologists for the National Security Agency (NSA) point to the arrest of David Coleman Headley as an example of how warrantless mass surveillance is necessary to catch terrorists. Headley played a major role in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack that killed 166 people. 

While few would argue that bringing someone like Headley to justice is not a good thing, Headley’s case in no way justifies mass surveillance. For one thing, there is no “terrorist” exception in the Fourth Amendment. Saying a good end (capturing terrorists) justifies a bad means (mass surveillance) gives the government a blank check to violate our liberties.
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The Media Misses The Point on ‘Proxy War’

Gareth Porter May 5, 2015


The term “proxy war” has experienced a new popularity in stories on the Middle East. Various news sources began using the term to describe the conflict in Yemen immediately, as if on cue, after Saudi Arabia launched its bombing campaign against Houthi targets in Yemen on 25 March. “The Yemen Conflict Devolves into Proxy War,” The Wall Street Journal headlined the following day. “Who’s fighting whom in Yemen’s proxy war?” a blogger for Reuters asked on 27 March. 

And on the same day the Journal pronounced Yemen a proxy war, NBC News declared that the entire Middle East was now engulfed in a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

It is certainly time to discuss the problem of proxy war in the Middle East, because a series of such wars are the heart of the destabilisation and chaos engulfing the region. The problem with the recent stories featuring the term is that it is being used in a way that obscures some basic realities that some news media are apparently not comfortable acknowledging.
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In a Cop Culture, the Bill of Rights Doesn’t Amount to Much

John W. Whitehead May 6, 2015


“In a democratic society,” observed Oakland police chief Sean Whent, “people have a say in how they are policed.”

Unfortunately, if you can be kicked, punched, tasered, shot, intimidated, harassed, stripped, searched, brutalized, terrorized, wrongfully arrested, and even killed by a police officer, and that officer is never held accountable for violating your rights and his oath of office to serve and protect, never forced to make amends, never told that what he did was wrong, and never made to change his modus operandi, then you don’t live in a constitutional republic.

You live in a police state.

It doesn’t even matter that “crime is at historic lows and most cities are safer than they have been in generations, for residents and officers alike,” as the New York Times reports.
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ISIS in Texas?

May. 5 - Media headlines this morning were stark and shocking: ISIS behind Texas attacks! But how credible is this claim and how credible is the organization making the claim? Also, how is it that at least one of the perpetrators has been under FBI surveillance since 2006 yet he was not stopped? How close was he to the FBI? Tune in to the Ron Paul Liberty Report for a deeper view than the mainstream media:


A Peace and Prosperity Blog

Ron Paul's Big Announcement
Today on his Facebook page, RPI Founder and Chairman Ron Paul announced a new media project to bring daily, live-streaming news and analysis to all liberty-minded -- and liberty-curious -- people. Some of you may have already seen some of the early episodes of his Ron Paul Liberty Report, but today he makes it official that this is his next thing. The new project will not be behind a paywall and it will be produced right in Texas by Ron Paul and his Texas-based staff.
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Reps. Jones and McGovern In-Depth Discussion of Congress’ Constitutional War Powers
Friday morning, viewers of C-SPAN’s Washington Journal were treated to nearly an hour of in-depth discussion among Reps. Walter Jones (R-NC) and James McGovern (D-MA) and show host Peter Slen regarding the representatives’ efforts to bring to the United States House of Representatives floor debates and votes on whether to end or continue the US government’s various wars.
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CIA Boss: We Were Heroes in Error
Once again, Washington is agog over a former government insider's admission of the "mistakes" made by his agency in a memoir otherwise wholeheartedly endorsing US failed foreign policies. As Iraq and Syria fall to ISIS and al-Qaeda, as Libya's "liberation" has produced hell on earth, former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell writes in his new book that, oops, we got it wrong: we expected all these US “liberations” to undermine rather than bolstering al-Qaeda in the region.
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Gen. Breedlove Pushes Senate to Arm Ukraine...And More?
General Philip Breedlove, who serves as Commander of the US Command in Europe and NATO's top general in Europe, is a good example of what happens when the division between a military and the civilians who in a democratic society should control that military breaks down. While there have been plenty of "political" general officers in the past, Breedlove has shown a particular predilection for infusing his policy preferences -- and even fantasies -- into what should be objective assessments of military capabilities and threats. Thus he has taken every opportunity to report to the media dozens of scare stories of Russian invasions of eastern Ukraine. But thus far he has presented no evidence of these "invasions."
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Kerry ‘Issuing a Warning’ to EU on Russia Sanctions
This week US Secretary of State John Kerry met with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini in Washington where he admitted that there were some differences between the US and EU on approaches to Russia. RPI Director Daniel McAdams appeared on RT to discuss what the US secretary of state might have had in mind by this admission, and whether we can expect the Europeans to continue to toe the American line on punishing Russia for its Ukraine policy...
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