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Dozens of White House Press Corps Members Challenge Biden Administration’s Press Access Manipulation

Adam Dick Jul 2, 2022


On Thursday, 68 journalists in the White House press corps sent a contentious letter to White House Press Secretary Karine Jeane-Pierre complaining about new means the Joe Biden administration, in contrast with previous presidential administrations, has been employing to limit and control journalists’ access to the president.
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The Insufferable Arrogance of the Constantly Wrong

Clayton Fox Jul 2, 2022


The media, and the people who work in and around it, the Blue Checks™ of Twitter, have upped the ante over the past few years regarding how far they are willing to go to enforce various preferred narratives. 

Pick any major story of the past three years—e.g. Lab LeakJussie SmollettRussiagateUkrainian BiolabsIvermectinHospitalizations From COVID v. With CovidJanuary 6th‘Transitory’ Inflation, and of course Hunter’s Laptop—and you will find absolutely hysterical narrative pushing up front followed by retractions, corrections, and outright denials as reality became undeniable. 

In the meanwhile, our civilization was ripped apart, our citizens were gaslit and impoverished, and in countries across the Western world, innocent people were removed from polite society, branded as lepers, and fired from their jobs. 

Why? Because there is one story that just won’t die and for which no corrections have been issued—the shibboleth that vaccination can prevent infection, transmission, and help “end” COVID.

While there is never an excuse for hateful rhetoric towards, and intervention in, the personal medical choices of law-abiding Americans, perhaps one could have, kinda sorta, understood the campaign if the new vaccines had provided long-lasting immunity and prevented community transmission. They do not.
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Russia’s Ukraine Miscalculation

Paul Craig Roberts Jul 2, 2022


Russia’s Ukraine miscalculation dates to 2014 when the Kremlin refused the request of the Donbas Russians in Eastern Ukraine to be reunited with Russia. Historically part of Russia, the Donbas region was attached to the Ukrainian province of the Soviet Union by Soviet leaders as was Crimea. These Russian populated territories, historically part of Russia, rejected the anti-Russian rule installed in Kiev when Washington overthrew the Ukrainian government and installed a puppet regime. Had the Kremlin accepted the request of the Donbas Russians, there would have been no necessity for a Russian intervention in Donbas.

Ukraine sent forces to subdue the two declared republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. The Ukrainian military and Nazi militias were unequal to the task of subduing the hastily raised militias of the two republics, but did succeed in occupying some of the Donbas territory from which they shelled the civilian populations of the Donbas for 8 years.

The Kremlin attempted to stop the conflict with the Minsk agreement. Ukraine and the republics signed it, and Europe was supposed to enforce it, but Ukraine did not keep the agreement, and Europe did not enforce it. Indeed, Washington encouraged Ukraine to ignore it as Washington saw the opportunity to initiate a conflict that could be used to demonize and isolate Russia.
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A Peace and Prosperity Blog

Biden: High Gas Prices For 'As Long As It Takes' To Defeat Russia
In a rare press conference after the Madrid NATO Summit today, President Biden was asked how long Americans should expect to pay high gas prices over the Ukraine conflict. Biden's response was flippant: "for as long as it takes." He also blamed high food prices on "Russia, Russia, Russia." Are Americans buying it? Also today: They're turning West Point into "Woke Point" and some retired grads are steaming! Watch today's Liberty Report...
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'Chaostan' And How to Restore The System Of Liberty - With Guest Richard Maybury.
Ukraine insane, inflation, wokeism, endless money printing: bestselling author Richard Maybury joins today's Liberty Report to discuss how the enemies of liberty have used the public school system to advance their agenda...and how liberty can make a comeback. Today on the Liberty Report...
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Ron Paul and the New US Supreme Court Decision Restraining Prosecution of Doctors for Prescribing Pain Medicine
Ron Paul was a strong proponent in the United States House of Representatives of ending the US government’s war on doctors who prescribe pain medication and on their patients who rely on the medication to relieve pain. This war has been a subset of the larger war on drugs and one that is in many ways easier to fight than taking on actual drug-running organizations that use stealth and violence as tools of the trade.
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G7 Leaders Pledge Endless Money To Ukraine - 'As Long As It Takes'!
After two days in a luxurious German castle, President Biden and the rest of the G7 leaders pledged to continue shipping an endless pipeline of dollars to Ukraine, even as the war continues to be lost. With western enthusiasm waning, however, is this just hot air? Also today at G7: Don't say Covid! Finally today - US military recruiters find little interest among young Americans. Why? Watch today's Liberty Report...
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Fifth Circuit Court Reinstates Injunction on Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate for US Government Workers, Prepares for En Banc Consideration of the Mandate
President Joe Biden’s mandate that United States government workers receive an experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shot or lose their jobs is one of the Biden administration coronavirus shots mandates that has managed to stay in force. That situation changed this week.
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