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Norman Singleton

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Remembering Justin Raimondo

“Don’t do what I did when I was your age - a lot of running around. Instead, read and learn as much as you can so you’re prepared to effectively fight for peace and liberty.”

This sounds like the advice Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul gives young people, but it was advice given to me when I was a young lad of 25 by my friend Justin Raimondo. Justin passed away last week from lung cancer at the age of 67.
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John McLaughlin, RIP

Yesterday was a sad day for political junkies with the news that John McLaughlin had passed away.

McLaughlin, a former Jesuit priest and Nixon speechwriter, was best known for "The McLaughlin Group," a weekly round table that pioneered the fast-talking and combative format that today dominates TV talk.

Unlike many of its successors and imitators, the discussion on McLaughlin Group was both "high-spirited" and serious, and usually conducted with good humor.
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A Tipping Point for Liberty: An Important and Timely Book

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity has done a service to everyone looking for intellectual ammunition against statist lies and propaganda. They've published A Tipping Point for Liberty: Exposing and Defeating Leviathan Government. This book is a collection of essays by Ron Paul Institute Senior Fellow (and my former colleague in Ron Paul's congressional office) Adam Dick.

The book collects Adam's best writing on civil liberties. Among the topics covered are gun control, the growth of the surveillance state, the police state, the drug war, "government chicanery," and militarism.

My favorite section of the book is the one on Ron Paul and Libertarianism, where Adam takes on Dr. Paul's liberal and conservative critics, as well as so-called "libertarians" who seek to gain approval of the political class by watering down the message of liberty by attacking Dr. Paul and his allies.
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Ron Paul Classic: No War in Syria

Since our Nobel Peace Prize winning President is sending "a few" special operations forces to Syria, it seems like a great time to revisit one of Ron Paul's columns from 2013. In it, Dr. Paul asked if war with Syria was justified even if President Obama sought and received a declaration of war (spoiler alert: it's not!).

Of course, this is a theoretical question since Obama, the former Constitutional Law Professor, did not seek Congressional approval before sending American troops to Syria.
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