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Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Butler Shaffer, R.I.P.

We mourn the passing of our good friend Butler Shaffer, who died Sunday afternoon at the age of 84. Butler was a libertarian at a time when there were very few libertarians in the world. Like many supporters of the free market, he was first attracted to the Republican Party. He supported Barry Goldwater for President in 1964, but he soon came to realize that limited government was a chimera and that the State was by nature opposed to liberty.
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Trump of Afghanistan

Last night, the prez announced that as Caesar of the greatest military empire in the history of the world, he needed to kill more Afghans in an unlimited war. That meant, of course, more US troops to “train” the Afghans.
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Honor the Great Peace Warrior, Ron Paul

Join the Mises and Ron Paul Institutes for a symposium on war and peace in the age of Trump. We’ll meet in Ron’s hometown of Lake Jackson, Texas, on Saturday, April 8, 2017, 9am-1pm.

Speakers include Dr. Paul, David Stockman, Phil Giraldi, Jeff Deist, Dan McAdams, and me. The price, which includes luncheon, is just $40 per person. Register here.

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School Bus Bombing?

The CIA was allegedly engaged in a training exercise in suburban Virginia, which required real plastic explosives in a real school bus. Then it “forgot” them and returned the bus to the school, where it carried children again. So forget for a moment that this Deep State org is supposed to be killing innocents only in other countries, what could this have possibly have been about? Something sinister, of course, which is the Agency’s daily bread. The scheme went wrong, which is to say, to the normal, right...
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Jim Bamford Agrees With Ron Paul

The great NSA scholar says in Time:
With intelligence protection largely illusionary, the only way to prevent continued terrorists attacks is for countries to re-evaluate their foreign policies. For more than a decade, Western countries have waged endless war in the Middle East producing only death, destruction, hatred—and now ISIS. At the same time, those countries have come to assume they could conduct violent regime change throughout the region—Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria—like pieces on a chessboard, with no price to pay. For them, sadly, Paris may at last be a wake-up call. There are no Robert’s Rules of Order when it comes to war, and one man’s Hellfire missile is another man’s suicide belt.

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Time For a Cleansing

The NAACP is demanding that the giant carving at Stone Mountain, GA, of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson be sandblasted into oblivion. Off with the pagan carvings of slaveholders at Mr. Rushmore, too. 

In this same spirit, there are calls to tear down the Jefferson Memorial and change the name of Washington, DC. OK with me. Paganesque memorials are strewn about that city, and the pagans were slaveholders.
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New Ron Paul Book!

Ron has written many important books, but I think his latest is the most important for our time: Swords into Plowshares. Ron, movingly and eloquently, describes his lifetime of perpetual war, beginning with the horrific WWII, but shows us how to dream of, and achieve, a future free of war and other forms of state violence.
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Walter Jones Targeted by Neocons

If the neocons hate you, it’s a good character reference. And they want to destroy Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC).  Why? Because after supporting Bush II’s aggression against Iraq, and even renaming French fries “freedom fries”–the French being insufficiently warlike–Walter did something almost unheard of among politicians. He examined the horror and evil of the war, and changed his mind. Sometimes politicians change their minds, though it’s unusual. But to change it in a way that is politically damaging? There is an honest man. 

Walter has become an eloquent spokesman on war and other forms of tyranny, and even changed his mind on weapons welfare for Israel. So Boehner targeted him as well, tossing him off the financial services committee. The neocons primaried him last time with vast dough, and he won, though by a small margin. Now they are recruiting a life-long Army bureaucrat and war-wronger. But Walter’s previous opponent may run, too, which would be great; two war-lovers vs. a man of peace. I can’t wait to see the neocons stamp their handmade shoes again in anger and frustration.
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The Evil of Sanctions

Free trade is essential to prosperity, peace, and civilization. But free trade does not mean State-managed trade of the Nafta sort. It means businesses and individuals able to deal across international borders as easily as across town borders. Many things hamper free trade, such as fluctuating fiat currencies, which reintroduce barter, as Hoppe notes. But trade sanctions are also damaging and dangerous, and multiplying. Sanctions, which are acts of war, seek to sicken and impoverish civilians in a hated foreign country. Any GOP neocon or con claiming to believe in free trade and sanctions is a fraud. Of course, that’s hardly news. But we can know that anyone championing trade barriers against Russia, Iran, Cuba, or any place else is an enemy of capitalism,  freedom, and peace.
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Why Is It Now OK To Denounce Obama?

Until very recently, the mainstream media agreed with Oprah: only a Grand Kleagle would criticize Obama, let alone portray him as an incompetent. Yet overnight, the mainstream media has joined the GOP. None of the groups involved is opposed to state medical care, so that is not the reason.

Here’s what I think: the warmongers have opened up the sluice gates because Obama is not, for the time being, anyway, obeying them. He did not bomb Syria, and so far, he has not bombed Iran.
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