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Daniel McAdams

US Gives ISIS a Billion Dollars In Mosul

Whenever there is a problem anywhere in the world, the first thing US lawmakers and Beltway foreign policy experts do is urge the US to send weapons. Libyan "freedom fighters" want to overthrow Gaddafi? Send weapons. Eastern Ukraine wants to break away from US-backed government in Kiev? Send Kiev weapons. Jihadists want to overthrow Assad in Syria? Send them weapons. Kurds promise to fight ISIS in Iraq? Send weapons

The track record of such a policy is obvious for all to see. If anyone is still confused, ask a Libyan or a Syrian Christian about it. Yet the failed approach continues to be the cornerstone of US foreign policy.
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NATO: 'We Are The World'

How appropriate to their outsized egos and ambitions that the foreign ministers of NATO countries joined arms and hands to sing an impromptu rendition of the 1980s aid to Africa fundraiser song "We Are The World" yesterday at a military alliance meeting in Turkey.
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A Documentary Worthy of Ron Paul

Lew Rockwell writes on his blog:
Lots of documentary makers have approached Ron Paul over the years, but none measured up, until now. Why is this film different? because Charles Goyette is making it. Charles has the technical and artistic abilities, but so did some of the others. What he also has is devotion to principle in the Ron Paul tradition. Charles was the top Phoenix talk show host, headed for national syndication, until the owner of his station, the neocon Clear Channel, ordered him to promote George W. Bush’s monstrous war on Iraq.  Charles, a true-blue libertarian and therefore a man of peace, politely refused, and so was tossed out on his ear. No wonder Ron trusts him.Watch the video, then go to Kickstarter to be part of this historic film.

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Ron Paul's Big Announcement

Today on his Facebook page, RPI Founder and Chairman Ron Paul announced a new media project to bring daily, live-streaming news and analysis to all liberty-minded -- and liberty-curious -- people. Some of you may have already seen some of the early episodes of his Ron Paul Liberty Report, but today he makes it official that this is his next thing. The new project will not be behind a paywall and it will be produced right in Texas by Ron Paul and his Texas-based staff.
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CIA Boss: We Were Heroes in Error

Once again, Washington is agog over a former government insider's admission of the "mistakes" made by his agency in a memoir otherwise wholeheartedly endorsing US failed foreign policies. As Iraq and Syria fall to ISIS and al-Qaeda, as Libya's "liberation" has produced hell on earth, former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell writes in his new book that, oops, we got it wrong: we expected all these US “liberations” to undermine rather than bolstering al-Qaeda in the region.

>At more than $100 billion per year, the US Intelligence Community failed assessing the second most important US event in the past 25 years (first most important being 9/11, also botched).
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George W. Bush: Don't Talk to Iran!

Former President George W. Bush's foreign and military legacy is not one resplendent with great victories. He and his advisors -- with the help of an obedient media -- lied the US into a war on Iraq where the mission was claimed accomplished before the real war had even begun. The "victory" was soon proven to be a chimera, paving the way for the emergence of al-Qaeda and ISIS instead of the promised democracy and peace. The cakewalk was a death walk.

Afghanistan was not much different. The longest war in US history was lost almost as it began, and it is only a matter of time before the US defeat is complete.
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Ukraine's American Finance Minister Asks John McCain for Weapons

When the US-installed government of Ukraine went shopping for a finance minister last year, it found an American woman who had not only spent a good deal of time in Ukraine but who knew how to milk the USAID gravy train. Her ability to burn through US taxpayer dollars while feathering her own nest was impressive. And why not pick an American, a US government employee, to manage the economy of a basket case country that had been adopted by the US?

Jaresko's tenure in Ukraine goes way back. In the early 2000s she was selected to manage a USAID "enterprise fund" which was capitalized with $150 million in US taxpayer dollars. It was one of the usual crony faux-capitalist boondoggles that are supposed to demonstrate to emerging countries the benefits of a market economy but in fact just reinforce the idea that the well-connected can enrich themselves by stealing someone else's money. In short, it was the US foreign policy elites subsidizing the elites of recipient country in exchange for obedience to US dictates and special deals for well-connected Americans.
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US Military Lands in Ukraine

Paratroopers from the US Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade have arrived in Ukraine to begin training that country's national guard and provide it with new military equipment. The Ukrainian government took power in a US-backed coup in early 2014 and has waged war on eastern provinces that wish to breakaway from what they see as an illegitimate government. 

The US military action, dubbed "Operation Fearless Guardian," will improve the Washington-backed faction's ability to wage war against the breakaway regions, but at least in spirit will violate the "Minsk II" ceasefire agreement which mandates a "pullout of all foreign armed formations, military equipment."
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Toronto Symphony Orchestra Goes Full Stalin

Ukrainian-born, North Carolina-dwelling pianist Valentina Lisitsa is an impressive talent. Most recently she released albums of Rachmaninov Concertos and works by Liszt on Decca Records. She is known for developing a massive following with the savvy use of social media like YouTube. In 2012 she sold out the Royal Albert Hall in an event that was also live-streamed to 100,000 people.

However, it was also on social media that she committed an unpardonable political crime that led the thought police in Canada to cancel an upcoming performance and offer to pay her as if she played if she would just keep her mouth shut about being blacklisted.

Thankfully she refused.
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Guess Who's Loving Saudi Bombs in Yemen?

As the US-backed Saudi bombing of Yemen enters into its second week, more than 500 people -- including many civilians -- have been killed, what infrastructure existed in the impoverished country has been destroyed, and the ousted president cheers on the destruction of his country within the protective embrace of the country that is bombing his own.

What is less reported in US mainstream media is that one group in Yemen seems to be making out quite well in the US-backed and Saudi-created chaos: al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Yes, al-Qaeda. The group that the US has been droning in Yemen since 2010. The drone strikes that set the population and especially various tribes like the Houthis against the US-accommodating Hadi. The Houthis who had been fighting al-Qaeda in Yemen before they started being bombed by Saudi Arabia. That al-Qaeda.
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