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Daniel McAdams

Hillary's Libyan Torturers

Remember when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was so intent on a US attack on Libya that she disregarded the US Intelligence Community, the Pentagon, and even her colleagues in the Obama Administration to force her "humanitarian intervention"? Clinton was so distrusted by the Pentagon that they opened up their own lines of communication with Libyan officials -- they knew she was feeding them and the State Department boldfaced lies. 

Even members of Hillary's own party in Congress were skeptical of her claims.

Gaddafi's son and presumed heir, Saif, told then-Rep. Dennis Kucinich (an RPI Board Member) that Hillary was using false information to justify the coming US attack on his country. (Thankfully, Mr. Kucinich understood his Constitutional obligation to act as member of an equal branch of government and did his own investigation of Administration claims.)
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Escalation in Syria: Obama To Airstrike Assad?

When the latest US-trained batch of fighters were sent into Syria, many were immediately captured by al-Qaeda. So much for US training. Some of the others called for US military air support which was granted. Subsequently, President Obama announced that the US would use airstrikes to protect any future fighters it sends into Syria -- whether against ISIS or even the Syrian government. Does this mean the US is now at war with Syria? And where is Congress? Today's Liberty Report looks at the rapidly escalating US military mission in Syria...
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Obama Authorizes War on Assad, Congress AWOL

When the first group of US-trained fighters were inserted into Syria on Friday, Washington experienced a great shock. Tasked with fighting alongside al-Qaeda's Syrian franchise, the Nusra Front, Washington's newest proxy army in Syria was expected be welcomed by the group. Instead, Washington's proxies, known as Division 30, were attacked by the Nusra Front with several fighters taken hostage. Quoting a senior Obama Administration official, the New York Times reported that Washington "expected the Nusra Front to welcome Division 30 as an ally in its fight against the Islamic State."
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Obama to Bibi: Want Some (More) Money?

Ron Paul has always said that US foreign policy is incredibly simple: do what we say and we will send you money; disobey and we will bomb you. While there is (fortunately) little threat of the US dropping bombs on Israel over that country's hysterical opposition to the recently-agreed Iran deal, the carrot has just become even more gold plated. 

According to the New York Times, President Obama called Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week to promise him a massive increase in US military aid -- from the current $3 billion per year to $4.5 billion -- as bribe money to soothe Israeli fury over the possibility of peace breaking out between the US and Iran.
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Ron Paul Takes on Neocon: 'We've Got a Schizophrenic Foreign Policy'

We're with the Iranians because we are both fighting ISIS but we're against the Iranians because they are on the side of Assad. That is why RPI Chairman Ron Paul described our foreign policy as "schizophrenic" in a Newsmax debate on the Iran deal. 

On the Iran talks, Dr. Paul reminded the viewers that Reagan believed it was important to talk to the Soviets, a regime that had killed far more people than has the Iranians, and to look for ways to reduce weapons proliferation. So why not talk to Iran?
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Guess How Many 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels Have Been Trained With Congress-Approved $500 Million?

Nope, it's not a trick question. The number is zero

A year ago Congress granted a White House request for half a billion dollars to identify, train, and equip "moderate" Syrians to accomplish the dual US goal of defeating ISIS as well as overthrowing those fighting against ISIS, the Syrian government. 

As with most foreign policy moves sold by the neocons and interventionists, grandiose promises of success have found themselves at odds with reality. Advocates of the program claimed that it would produce 5,400 US-trained and armed fighters per year. In fact since the money was approved last May, less than 100 are actually being trained and none has yet completed the course.
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Sec Def Carter to Russia: 'Don't Drag Us Back to the Past'

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter comes (back) to government service via the military-industrial complex. Whether in the "private" sector or in government military positions, Carter has made his fortune (and those of others) pushing an aggressive and interventionist US foreign policy. 

Secretary Carter was in Berlin yesterday, pushing the idea that Germany needs to massively increase its military spending to counter what he calls "Russian aggression" in Europe. Currently Germany spends approximately one percent of its GDP on the military and Carter would like to see that amount doubled.
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Planet Jeb

Jeb Bush officially joined the 2016 White House race Monday. He promises to be an outsider -- "not just another member of the club." Don't dare call the third Bush coveting the presidency a blue-blood. He is not "among the pampered elites of Washington."

His mission is to prevent 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from being "passed on from one liberal to the next."

And echoing his brother's promise of a humble foreign policy, Jeb's main attack on the Obama administration is that "they have failed to be the peacemakers."
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US Joint Chief Dempsey to Israel: We Will Defend You

The United States is more than $18 trillion dollars in debt, but like a teenager with a credit card it continues to take on financial obligations seemingly without a care in the world. Maintaining a world empire requires the US to hemorrhage wealth to defend its dominant position against any real or perceived upstart nation-threat. Even if that "threat" comes from the world's second largest economy, China, it seems.

Last month President Obama promised to put the US military at the disposal of the despotic, head-chopping Saudi regime. As the Saudi-Iranian cold war heats up, this commitment if honored could run up incalculable costs in dollars and American lives. The US already backs Saudi aggression against Yemen and the Saudi financing of al-Qaeda and ISIS to take down Assad in Syria. Will the US join in a potential global war that may emerge from a Shia-Sunni conflagration?
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Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Campaign

When thinking about the protection of human rights, Saudi Arabia doesn't immediately come to mind. After all, this year the Saudis are on course to break their own record of 87 decapitations in 2014. It is only June and the Saudi leaders have already chopped off their 84th head. Religious apostasy is a leading offense resulting in decapitation and last year half of all such killings were carried out for non-lethal offenses. According to a news report last year, bringing Christian bibles into the country is considered a capital offense.
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