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Daniel McAdams

Breaking: Obama to Announce Major US Escalation in Syria

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that tomorrow (Monday) President Obama will announce that he is quintupling the number of US troops inside Syria. From the current 50 troops the US admits are operating in Syria, the US will raise the total to 300 under the guise of increasing efforts against ISIS in the country. 

The Journal reports that Obama has been "persuaded by his top military advisers and others that additional U.S. personnel would allow the Pentagon to extend recent gains against Islamic State." He will make the announcement while in Germany.
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'Humanitarian Interventionist' Convoy Kills Kid in Cameroon

While it would be inappropriate to directly blame US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power for the tragic death of a little boy in Cameroon today, it would also be inappropriate to exculpate the ambassador.  

The US Ambassador, who is the embodiment of the "humanitarian" interventionist cult that makes up the Left Wing faction of the Church of Neoconservativism, was speeding in her heavily-armed motorcade through the Cameroonian countryside at speeds over 60 miles per hour to make it to a photo-op with a group of victims of the Islamist Boko Haram organization.
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RPI To Storm Washington? We're Almost There!

Anyone following our work at the Ron Paul Institute who is not yet a subscriber to our updates (you really oughta subscribe!) may not have heard the latest on our planned foreign policy conference in Washington, D.C. for sometime in the early summer. In a blog post last week, we asked whether a few generous donors would like to join a Host Committee to help us put on the event and we estimated that a minimum of $5,000 would be required to put on the event and make sure it is to be properly record for the wider audience. 

The response has been really great! Several of our long-time supporters -- and some new ones -- have told us they definitely want to be among the major sponsors of the event, and it looks like we are right around the minimum level we need to move ahead into the concrete planning stage. Because at this point we are only asking for pledges, however, we would like to keep the invitation to join the Host Committee open for a couple more members in case a pledge or two does not come through.
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They're at it Again: Pentagon Training New Syrian Rebels

You know the old saying: if at first you don't succeed, keep trying the same dumb thing over and over and wonder why you are still not succeeding. Well, at least that's the neocon version of that old saying. 

We know what happened last time the Pentagon launched a program to train rebels to fight ISIS (and overthrow Assad) in Syria: they spent half a billion dollars and ended up with five fighters

What do they care, it's only (our) money!
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White House to Syrians: Don't Dare Vote For Assad!

US backing for the overthrow of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was supposed to be all about democracy. As Washington tells it, the people took to the street demanding democratic reforms and Assad did not listen, so he lost his legitimacy and needed to be overthrown. The US helped facilitate that overthrow by shipping in tons of weapons (much of which ended up in the hands of al-Qaeda and ISIS).
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In Syria, Assad Liberates Palmyra While CIA Battles the Pentagon

The big news out of Syria over the past couple of days has been that Syrian government forces with the help of the Russian military have taken back control of Palmyra from ISIS. The fall of Palmyra and subsequent destruction of the spectacular Roman ruins there by ISIS horrified the civilized world. The US government had claimed from the beginning that the Russians were not targeting ISIS at all, but only the "moderate" rebels supported by Washington. That lie now stands bare in newly-liberated Palmyra and onward, as Syrian government troops aided by the Russians speed east toward the "capital" of the Islamic State, Raqqa.
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Breaking: Heckuva Job, Merkel - ISIS Terror Squads Swarm Europe

Here's the big -- really big -- story of the day: AP is reporting that ISIS has sent at least 400 fighters into Europe in semi-autonomous cells to rain down a wave of terror that may make the Brussels attacks earlier this week look like child's play. This underground terror army is said to have trained in Syria, Iraq, and possibly some of the former republics of the USSR, and they have infiltrated themselves into Europe to await further instructions.
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Syrians Free to Choose Future...As Long As Washington Likes Their Choice

Anyone wondering just how bad is US foreign policy need only turn to the daily press briefing by the US State Department for an answer. And let me tell you, the answer is it's really, really bad. Yesterday's briefing was at the same time one for the record books and par for the course, as State Department Spokesman Admiral John Kirby tried to explain Washington's uber-incoherent Syria policy.

First, AP diplomatic reporter Matt Lee -- an excellent journalist -- asked Kirby to explain Washington's opposition to a Kurdish group in Syria announcing the creation of an autonomous Kurdish area inside Syria. After all, observed Lee, Washington does not believe Assad has the legitimacy to govern Syria so the Kurds are not encouraged to put themselves under the control of the current government in Damascus.
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Bibi Cancels Meeting With Obama, Demands More Money Instead

On his own and through his proxies in what is called the US "Israel Lobby" Benjamin Netanyahu expended enormous political and financial capital in attempt to sink President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran. Though the deal is already done, the pro-Likud lobby in Washington with the backing of a significant number of elected Members of the House and Senate is still determined to turn back the hands of time to a US war-footing against Iran. They may well succeed, particularly as most presidential candidates have promised to rip up the Iran deal on day one.
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Guess Who's Violating the Syria Ceasefire?

...the Turks, of course. According to Qadri Jamil, one of the leaders of the opposition Syrian Popular Front for Change and Liberation, the temporary ceasefire in Syria is for the most part holding. But the main violator of the agreement thus far, he says, is the Turkish government...
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