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Adam Dick

Lawrence Wilkerson: Expect New Afghanistan War Policy to ‘Deepen the Failure’

“The professional predilection of military,” says retired Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson in a Thursday Real News Network interview with host Paul Jay regarding the Afghanistan War policy President Donald Trump announced last week, “is to keep the war going, not to end it, because that's where you get your rank, that's where you get your progression, your notoriety, your fame, your fortune, and so forth.” This has been the case, Wilkerson argues, for the last 5,000 years and has “just gotten a little more sophisticated” over time.
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Ron Paul Says President Trump’s Afghanistan War Plan Calls for Perpetual War and is a Recipe for Disaster

What does prominent nonintervention advocate and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul think of President Donald Trump’s Monday night announcement of the Trump administration’s policy regarding the Afghanistan War? Paul said in a Tuesday interview at RT that the Trump plan calls for perpetual war and is a “recipe for disaster.”
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The Afghanistan Speech President Trump Should Deliver Tonight

President Donald Trump is expected to deliver a speech tonight in which he announces the deployment of more United States troops to Afghanistan to take part in America’s longest war. Over at The Intercept today Jon Schwarz and Robert Mackey document many of Trump’s pronouncements over the last few years, largely on Twitter, opposing continuation of the war and proposing that the US troops leave Afghanistan. Included in Schwarz and Mackey’s article is a video Trump made in March of 2012 in which Trump emphatically declared “Afghanistan is a total and complete disaster.”
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Lew Rockwell: US Should Butt Out and Let South Korea Deal with North Korea

Interviewed recently on RT, Ludwig von Mises Institute Chairman Lew Rockwell offered bold suggestions for altering United States foreign policy in regard to North Korea. Rockwell argues in the interview that the path to avoiding what “could be the worst military disaster in human history” involves the US government calming down, stopping threatening North Korea (including the threat to destroy the country), repealing US sanctions on North Korea, pulling the US troops out of South Korea “where they’d be sitting ducks if warfare breaks out,” and “letting the South Koreans handle this.”
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Rep. Walter Jones’ Tireless Effort to End the Afghanistan War

United States House of Representatives Member Walter Jones (R-NC) has for years ardently advocated terminating US involvement in the Afghanistan War. Jones’ efforts in this regard include his legislation introduced in the House, letters to US presidents and congressional leadersinterviews, and House floor speeches.

What often most surprises people is that this prominent proponent of ending the war represents a district with a population largely composed of current and retired US military members and their families. In such a district, people may suppose that advocating for peace would be unpopular. Yet, Jones has continued winning reelection despite well-funded efforts to defeat him.
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