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Adam Dick

Watching The Wall

As has happened with other individuals who have prominently challenged pro-authoritarian and pro-war narratives pushed by major politicians and media figures, marquee musician Roger Waters has ended up the target of a campaign to tar him as antisemitic. The campaign even includes an effort to prevent Waters from performing his music across the world.
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NASA Blocks Replies to Its ‘Pride Month’ Tweet

Generally, the posts of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at Twitter are open for replies. But, that is not the case for NASA’s June 2 tweet regarding “Pride Month.”

When the United States government agency shares an impressive photograph or video, such as video of a spacewalk in a June 9 tweet, the ability of Twitter users to post replies below the tweet is left open. As would be expected, most of the 150 replies as of June 12 to that spacewalk tweet are positive. Score for NASA public relations.
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Poll: Americans Don’t Want a Central Bank Digital Currency

A poll from the Cato Institute indicates that, while about half of Americans do not have an opinion regarding whether the Federal Reserve should “begin offering a government-issued digital currency, called a ‘central bank digital currency’ (CBDC),” among those with an opinion on the matter over twice as many — 34 percent of poll participants — oppose the prospect as support it — 16 percent.
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The FBI, Ukraine’s Censorship Assistant

After Elon Musk gained control of Twitter, he made available to a small group of reporters Twitter records known as the Twitter Files. Among the Twitter Files is information regarding efforts by the United States government along with Twitter to censor communication on the social media platform in the time before Musk gained control of Twitter.
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The Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Shot is Kaput

Last week, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revoked the Emergency Use Authorization for Johnson & Johnson coronavirus shots. Peter Marks, the director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, noted in a Thursday letter that the FDA made the revocation at the request of Janssen Biotech, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, that had related that the company would not be updating its shots, the latest “lots” purchased by the US government have expired, and “there is no demand for new lots.”
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“Good Morning Students” … “Good Morning AI Overlord”

In recent years, schools across America, with the help of private companies, have been significantly ramping up surveillance on students, largely in the name of keeping the children safe. Now that there is big buzz about artificial intelligence, or “AI,” it should come as little surprise that peeping adults will increasingly employ AI to aid them in the surveilling of school students.
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Kennedy Presidential Campaign Announces Dennis Kucinich is Campaign Manager

On Thursday, the presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced that Dennis Kucinich had been selected to be campaign manager. Kucinich, a former Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from Ohio, has some experience with presidential races, having twice run for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.
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Ending Marijuana Restrictions for Athletes

In December of 2019, I wrote about Major League Baseball (MLB), along with the Major League Baseball Players Association, announcing that marijuana use by professional baseball players would no longer be verboten. Concluding my discussion of this new development, I commented that “More professional sports organizations will surely follow in eliminating marijuana use prohibitions.”
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Julian Assange and President Biden’s Reelection

Former British diplomat Craig Murray has chronicled well much of the effort of the US and British governments against Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. In a Tuesday post at his website, Murray suggests that the course of Assange’s continuing torment recently and over the next two years may be driven by an effort to ensure US President Joe Biden’s reelection.
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