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Adam Dick

GameStop Standing Up to Government Demands to Close Stores

One of the most basic and important freedoms is the freedom to engage in commerce. That freedom is under attack from state and local governments demanding that some businesses, often termed “nonessential,” limit or suspend their operations because of the coronavirus.
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Coronavirus and the Rise of Social Media Censorship

If you thought the removing of content and the suspending and exiling of individuals from social media platforms has been bad over the last few years, expect the problem to worsen now that coronavirus is on the scene.

With coronavirus fear affecting social media companies’ operations, more of these sorts of decisions will likely be handed over to computer programs, with the programs, or algorithms, erring on the side of increasing restrictions on speech.

For example, YouTube has announced that, due to coronavirus causing an increased dependence on the company’s “automated systems,” YouTube will be removing more videos, including videos it admits are fine under the social media platform’s rules. Here is how YouTube explained the situation on Monday at Twitter...
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Making the Best of Running a ‘Sure to Lose’ Libertarian Presidential Campaign

Even most libertarians would probably agree that it is just about a sure bet that none of the current candidates or commonly discussed potential candidates for the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination would, if he becomes the party’s nominee, defeat the Republican and Democratic nominees in the upcoming November general election and win the presidency.
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The Return of Mayor Kucinich?

It has been 40 years since Dennis Kucinich completed his term as mayor of Cleveland, Ohio in 1979. Kucinich, who had been tagged as the “boy mayor” given his age and youthful appearance when mayor, went on to later hold elected office in the Cleveland city council from 1983 to 1985, the Ohio state senate from 1995 to 1997, and the United States House of Representatives from 1997 to 2013, all as a Cleveland Democrat.
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Jacob Hornberger, Libertarian Presidential Race Frontrunner?

Matt Welch concluded his Wednesday Reason article regarding Super Tuesday results for the Libertarian Party presidential race with this statement: “Much can and will change between now and late May but, for the moment, Jacob Hornberger is your Libertarian front-runner.” Welch’s granting the “frontrunner” label to Hornberger seems to be based on Hornberger, in Super Tuesday state-level contests, continuing his streak of victories over other candidates for the Libertarian presidential nomination.
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Rubber-Stamping Gun Grabbing

Proponents of red flag laws in states or countrywide often assert that the laws protect targeted individuals’ due process rights. However, examining the exercise of the Florida red flag law in Broward County, Jacob Sullum provided in a Reason article last week plenty of reason to believe that judges have been implementing that red flag law by routinely rubber-stamping denying people’s right to possess guns while disregarding those individuals’ due process rights.
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