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Adam Dick

Talking Vaccine Passports and Coronavirus Crackdowns

On Saturday, I was a guest at KFAR radio in Fairbanks, Alaska. The in-depth interview with hosts Joshua Bennett, Michael Anderson, and David Giessel started with discussion of my March 30 article “The Vaccine Passport Propaganda Template” and then moved on to other matters related to the new vaccine passport mandates threat and the coronavirus crackdowns that, over the last year, have plagued Americans and people across the world.
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The Libertarian Approach to Coronavirus

What is the libertarian approach to coronavirus? Like the libertarian approach to many things, the libertarian approach to coronavirus can be summed up in the French phrase laissez-faire.

Several decades back, Ayn Rand told an illustrative story about the laissez-faire answer to intervention-happy bureaucrats and politicians in her essay “Let Us Alone!” in the book Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. The story Rand told involves Colbert, the “chief adviser” to French King Louis XIV. Colbert was also, in Rand’s description, “one of the early modern statists.”
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No, President Biden, We Are Not the Government

People who desire the protection of freedom from overreaching government have much to be concerned about in President Joe Biden’s Thursday speech focused on coronavirus and coronavirus-related government actions. Yet, likely the most dangerous to freedom proposition in Biden’s speech is an assertion he made that goes far beyond coronavirus-related matters — that the United States government is the same as “us,” the American people.
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Coronavirus Crackdown Madness at the Alaska State Senate

Over the last few weeks, coronavirus crackdown mandates, including mask wearing requirements, have been rolled back in several states. But, in Alaska, the state Senate is proceeding with a looney and pernicious crackdown on one of its own members because she has not fully complied with a list of coronavirus-related rules for the capitol. The rules, including required mask wearing, are supposedly purposed to counter coronavirus.
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Lew Rockwell: Stop the US Government’s Murders

Lew Rockwell does not hold back in his recent interview at RT. Rockwell, who founded the Ludwig von Mises Institute and runs the website, calls out the United States government for its murdering of people around the world, both directly through means including fighting wars and indirectly through means including providing military weapons to governments including Saudi Arabia.
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