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Adam Dick

Injunction on President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Medical Workers Goes Countrywide

Writing Monday regarding a United States district court that day ordering, in the case of Missouri v. Biden, an injunction on the implementation and enforcement of President Joe Biden’s mandate that millions of health care workers take experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots, I suggested that that order that applies in ten states may be a step toward a countrywide suspension of the mandate.
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Another Court Knocks Down a President Biden Vaccine Mandate, Enjoining the Mandate on Employees of US Government Contractors

Earlier this month, in response to a United States appellate court’s preliminary injunction order, the US government suspended implementing and enforcing President Joe Biden’s mandate regarding employees of companies with 100 or more employees taking experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots. Then, yesterday, a US district court issued a preliminary injunction order against the implementation and enforcement of Biden’s mandate that millions of workers in the health care field take the shots.
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Court Enjoins Enforcement of President Biden’s Medical Workers Vaccine Mandate in Ten States

On Monday, Judge Matthew T. Schelp of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri issued an order of preliminary injunction barring the United States government from implementing and enforcing President Joe Biden’s mandate, enacted via Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regulations, that millions of workers at facilities that participate in Medicare or Medicaid take experimental coronavirus “vaccines.”
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World Health Organization Opposes Travel Bans Purportedly Imposed to Protect Against ‘Omicron’

Omicron is the newly named type of coronavirus that governments are using to spread fear and to impose new restrictions on people’s activities in the name of protecting “public health.” Among those new restrictions, national governments are banning the entry of people who have been in certain countries. For, example, United States President Joe Biden unilaterally declared on Friday (no congressional approval sought or obtained) that most people, with exceptions for US citizens and some others, who have been in any of eight listed countries in Africa over the previous 14 days may not enter America.
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Mexico’s Different Take on Giving Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Shots to Children

United States President Joe Biden, a coronavirus crackdown enthusiast, appears to have no qualms about promoting that every American take experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots and even threatening millions of people with loss of their jobs if they refuse the shots. In contrast, south of the border, Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has distinguished himself by speaking out against an array of violations of liberty governments have undertaken in the name of countering coronavirus. Refreshingly, López Obrador has also taken a more reasoned approach to whether people should take the experimental shots.
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OSHA Stops Implementation and Enforcement of Coronavirus ‘Vaccine’ Mandate for Companies with 100 or More Employees

Here is some good news for many Americans being threatened with the loss of their jobs if they do not take experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots: The United States government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced on Wednesday that it has “suspended activities related to the implementation and enforcement” of OSHA’s vaccine mandate applicable to employees at companies with 100 or more employees.
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‘Show Me Your Papers’: Austria Locks Down the ‘Unvaccinated’

From the beginning, it was clear that the vaccine passports were about creating a caste system in which people who refuse to take experimental coronavirus “vaccines” are subjected to special restrictions on their ability to undertake ordinary activities. In Austria this week, we are witnessing the imposing of an extreme version of such a vaccine passports-based caste system that imposes broad restrictions on the activities of “unvaccinated” individuals.
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Turning Doctors’ Offices into Political Indoctrination Centers

Visiting doctors’ offices has long been something most people have not enjoyed and something some people have dreaded. With mask wearing demands and coronavirus fearmongering to push experimental “vaccine” shots lately becoming part of the doctor’s office experience for many people, more informed clients are now also increasingly questioning the competence and rationality of their doctors.
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Ron Paul on Liberty, Property, Equality, and Safety

Speaking Tuesday in the Restoring Our Civil Liberties webinar put on by the Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF), libertarian communicator Ron Paul presented an examination of how efforts to bring about equality and safety via government dictate threaten liberty and property rights.
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No Peace Dividend Again

Back when the Soviet Union fell apart, there was much talk of a peace dividend — a big reduction in the United States government’s spending on militarism. The peace dividend did not arrive. Instead, the US government proceeded to spend big on the military and engage in a series of military actions across the world, including, as the dissolution of the Soviet Union proceeded, the US military’s first of two invasions of Iraq.
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