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Faulty Drug Field Tests Can Both Lead to Incarceration and Make Incarceration Worse

In January of 2019, I wrote about how drug field tests that produce many false positive results are used as a basis for arresting and jailing people for drug crimes and have even been used as leverage to induce many people to plead guilty. But, that is not the entire problem with the tests. In addition to leading to people ending up in jails and prisons, false positive results of the faulty drug field tests are used in jails and prisons as a justification for enhancing restrictions on inmates.
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Taking the Next Step Toward Mandatory Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Shots for Younger Children, Pfizer and BioNTech Seek FDA Approval of Shots for Children Ages 5-11

Children have virtually no risk of major sickness or death from coronavirus. And experimental coronavirus “vaccines” such as the one produced by the Pfizer and BioNTech do come with major known health risks of their own. Additional potential side effects of these companies’ and other companies’ shots remain unknown given the shots’ unusually rushed rollout.
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San Diego School Board Mandates Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Shots for Students. Next Up, Taking the Mandate Statewide?

On Tuesday, the school board for San Diego Unified School District in San Diego, California, voted unanimously to impose a mandate that students 16 years old and older can participate in in-person classes and extracurricular activities only if the students receive shots of experimental coronavirus vaccines, some of which are not even vaccines under the normal meaning of the term.
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James Bovard Versus the TSA

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, there was a flurry of action establishing and expanding the United States government’s infringements of freedom in the name of making Americans safer. Along the way, political writer James Bovard documented the vile developments. Speaking Tuesday at the Future of Freedom Foundation’s Restoring Our Civil Liberties webinar, Bovard provided a biting, and at times funny, introduction to destructive and absurd actions the US government has pursued since the September 11 attacks.
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Rare Instance of a Professional Athlete Hospitalized for Coronavirus

Many politicians, including United States President Joe Biden, like to drone on about how everybody should take experimental coronavirus vaccine shots. Yet, even if we suppose the shots provide much help against coronavirus, many people are at so little risk from coronavirus that it seems very foolhardy for them to risk the side effects of the shots.
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Dennis Kucinich Places Close Third in Cleveland Mayor Primary

On Tuesday, Dennis Kucinich just missed qualifying for the general election for mayor of Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland native who previously served as mayor of the city in the 1970s before going on to several terms in the United States House of Representatives came in a close third in the primary election. The first and second place primary candidates will compete for votes in the November general election.
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Coronavirus Crackdowns and the Ratchet Effect

One of Robert Higgs’ great contributions to understanding government is his exploration of what he terms the ratchet effect. In a 2011 interview posted at the Mises Institute website, Higgs provided this succinct description of the ratchet effect:
In my work, the ratchet effect describes the characteristic way in which government under modern ideological conditions grows during a perceived national emergency. The government's size, scope, and power grow abruptly as the government acts to "do something" to allay the threat. Then, as the threat is eliminated or diminished, the government shrinks, but not all the way to the level it would have reached if the crisis had not occurred. Hence, each crisis shifts the government's growth trajectory to a higher level of size, scope, and power.
Since early last year, we have witnessed many governments across the world demonstrate the ratchet effect in their use of stirred up coronavirus panic to support their undertaking massive expansions of government power at the expense of liberty. Yet, in many places where there has been a major increase in government power in the name of countering coronavirus there has yet to be the partial backtrack that Higgs suggests follows.
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