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Peace and Prosperity

Americans’ Rejection of Coronavirus Shots Is a Reason for Hope for the Country

For over a year, Americans have been subjected to relentless pressure to take experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots and, more recently, to even have the shots given to children who have a miniscule risk of becoming seriously sick or dying from coronavirus. The shots are widely available, free for the taking, and nonstop marketed by politicians, government bureaucrats, and people in the media as “safe and effective.”
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Judge Enjoins President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for US Government Employees

On Friday, another of President Joe Biden’s national vaccine mandates was ruled against by a federal judge. Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas issued a preliminary injunction against the United States government implementing or enforcing Biden’s mandate that US government employees take experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots.
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Glenn Greenwald Discusses the Deep State Effort to Stop Donald Trump from Pardoning Edward Snowden and Julian Assange

There was much speculation toward the end of Donald Trump’s term as president of the United States that Trump would pardon Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, or both of these men who were responsible for exposing vast amounts of wrongdoing by the US government. But, it did not come to pass. Why? Glenn Greenwald, who played a key role in helping Snowden expose information about the US government’s mass surveillance programs and who advocated in public and behind the scenes that Trump pardon both men, has some interesting thoughts about that.
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The CDC Director’s Truth Telling Spree

Elle Reynolds began her Monday article at The Federalist with this observation that is sure to resonate with many people who have delved into the facts related to coronavirus and United States government-backed actions taken in the name of countering it: “The COVID bureaucracy has spent two years now preaching lies.”
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Vice President Kamala Harris Falsely Suggests Many Cops and National Guard Members were Killed at the US Capitol a Year Ago

United States Vice President Kamala Harris gave a whopper of a speech on Thursday morning at the US Capitol concerning the one-year anniversary of January 6, 2020 protests and scuffles at the building. It was hyperbolic absurdity from the beginning of Harris’s speech when she grouped the date January 6, 2020 with December 7, 1941, when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and September 11, 2001.
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