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Peace and Prosperity

Gerald Celente, a Very Early Backer of a Kennedy Presidential Run, Withdraws Support due to Kennedy’s Israel War Position

Back in December of 2022, virtually nobody was even thinking of the possibility that Rober F. Kennedy, Jr. may run in the 2024 presidential race. One of the few individuals who was thinking of this possibility was political commentor and trends forecaster Gerald Celente. Speaking with host David Knight at the David Knight Show, Celente then not only mentioned the possibility, he enthusiastically recommended that Kennedy run with legal scholar Andrew Napolitano, a former New Jersey state judge, as his vice president  running mate.
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Congress Members Ask President Biden to Stop the Effort to Prosecute Julian Assange

On October 26, I wrote about United States House of Representatives members Jim McGovern (D-MA) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) gathering signatures from other House members for a letter to President Joe Biden. The letter asks the president to drop both the US government’s requested extradition and its ongoing prosecution efforts in regard to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.
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‘The Crime’: A Powerful Song About Despicable Actions Taken in the Name of Countering Coronavirus

The song “The Crime” performed by Jim Scott provides a powerful relating of multiple dimensions of the despicable actions people have taken in the name of countering coronavirus. From lockdowns to the dangerous and ineffective coronavirus “vaccine” shots, “The Crime” recounts sordid details of inhumanity in coronavirus crackdowns undertaken with media complicity.
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Tulsi Gabbard’s Warmongering is Nothing New

Some people are expressing surprise about the warmongering comments Tulsi Gabbard has been making in regard to the Israel war that has been ramping up over the last few weeks.

I thought she was for peace; how can she be saying this? That’s what some people are asking when discovering the recent comments of Gabbard who had worked hard to portray herself in the 2020 presidential election as the candidate for voters favoring peace.
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Former US Rep. Justin Amash's Relatives Killed in Israeli Bombing

Former US Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI), who was the only US House Member representing the Libertarian Party, announced today on Twitter/X that several of his relatives were killed when Israel bombed Saint Porphyrius Orthodox Church in Gaza. Amash's relatives, along with many others, were seeking shelter in the Church as Israel continues to flatten Gaza.
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Congress Worked on a Two Billion Dollars Aid Bill for Israel. The Israel Government Says, ‘Nah, Make it Ten Billion.’

Over the last year and a half, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky kept himself busy repeatedly demanding more money, supplies, and weapons from the United States and other governments to pay for Ukraine’s war against Russia. No matter how much was given, he never accepted it as enough. More, more, more aid, he constantly demanded.
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Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano Discuss War in the Middle East

Andrew Napolitano has done a great job helping people become informed about developments in the Ukraine War through his interviews with guests with pertinent knowledge and insights, including Douglas Macgregor, Ray McGovern, and Scott Ritter. As war builds in the Middle East after the Hamas attack of last week, Napolitano has been providing a similarly valuable service in presenting information about this new war.
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Voices for Peace Help Crack War Propaganda

Over the last week, most United States Congress members have rushed out to proclaim to all their commitment to “stand with Israel,” many of them adding that they want the US to support the Israel government in doing whatever it decides to do in pursuing war in response to last week’s Hamas attack. And the early action by the Israel government indicates that what it seeks is, at minimum, decimation in Gaza.
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