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Rep. Thomas Massie: Zombie Fighter

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), in a new interview with Reason Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie, says his “mission in life” is to prevent new United States Congress members “from becoming zombies when they get to DC.” Massie explains that “we get probably 12 to 20 guys every cycle that, you know, they run on what they believe and they believe what they run on, and, then, they get there and they sell out within about six months.”

Massie says he will try to educate newcomers as one would with “a dating manual for adolescents” so the new Congress members do not “get led to a place they never want to go” and “get whipped into voting for things they never intended to vote for.”

Massie, in the wide-ranging interview, also discusses plans to force votes in the US House of Representatives regarding protecting privacy, as well as his view that there does not appear to be a good outcome possible in the 2016 presidential election.

Watch Massie’s complete interview here:

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