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After US Bombers Wipe Out Syrian Village, US Will Investigate Itself


Just days after what looks to have been a terror attack in San Bernardino, it is worth remembering that while thankfully rare in the US, such attacks are commonplace in the countries the US seeks to "liberate." Just yesterday, in the Syrian village of al-Khan, US bombers wiped out at least 36 civilians as they hit the center of the village.

According to's Jason Ditz:
The US offered no comments on the attack itself, but did say they intend to conduct a “credibility assessment” to decide whether the civilian deaths are worth looking into.
In other words, as in the incident of the US attack on the Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan, the US government will investigate itself (and most likely once again conclude that it did nothing wrong).

As the United States is acting illegally in Syria -- there is no UN resolution nor was the US invited by the Syrian government to conduct military activities on its soil -- each US strike on Syrian soil is as lawless as the San Bernardino demonic duo.

Over the weekend, the Syrian government accused the US of, for the first time, attacking a Syrian Army outpost fighting ISIS in central Syria. Three Syrian soldiers were killed in the attack and more than a dozen were injured. Nine rockets were fired at the Syrian base. In similar obfuscating fashion, the US at first denied that any attack had taken place, then admitted an attack had taken place but claimed that it had not been bombing in the area, then admitted that it had been bombing in the general area but not close to the Syrian military outpost, then, when all else failed it resorted to its fallback position: it blamed the Russians for the bombing.

As President Obama is determined to expand US military presence on Syrian soil and over Syrian skies, it is a safe bet that these are not the last such "mistaken" attacks on the wrong targets.

Cynics already suggest that the attack on Syrian Army positions near an ISIS stronghold was yet another example of the real US agenda in Syria: regime change at all costs and destruction of the Syrian Army in the process. It's like Iraq all over again...
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