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Gen. Breedlove Announces More Aid to Ukraine Military, Denounces Russian 'Militarization'


On the heels of US Vice President Joseph Biden's trip to Ukraine this week, NATO Supreme Allied Commander for Europe, Gen. Philip Breedlove, is in Kiev today pledging increased military assistance to the US-backed government there. As the Kiev regime readies another assault on breakaway regions in the east of the country, General Breedlove announced today that:
We are going to help Ukraine's military to increase its capacities ... [to] make them ever more interoperable with our forces.
Breedlove again repeated NATO's assertion that the Russian military is operating in east Ukraine, claiming the Russians are providing the "backbone" for the forces seeking independence from rule by Kiev.

This latest NATO assertion of Russian involvement in east Ukraine is in addition to 36 -- count them -- prior claims of a Russian invasion of Ukraine since February.  Thirty-six invasions of Ukraine but NATO has yet to produce a definitive photograph of a Russian military presence. Either Russia's is the most stealth army in the history of warfare or NATO operatives are misleading those they are paid to serve.

While pledging more US military assistance to its allies in western Ukraine, Breedlove also condemned Russia's "militarization" of the Crimean peninsula, citing recent Russian possible deployments of a missile defense system to the area which recently rejoined Russia.

Aside from its unsupported claims of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, NATO and the US government have repeatedly condemned any Russian military presence near Ukraine but within its own territory. 

Meanwhile, media reported that NATO military equipment used in various military exercises on the Russian border this summer would not be returned to bases and instead would remain in newest NATO member countries in eastern Europe. 

Earlier this month, General Breedlove requested that more NATO troops be stationed on Russia's borders to counter what he describes as an increased Russian threat.

Said Gen. Breedlove at the Pentagon this month:
Because of the increased pressure that we feel in Eastern Europe now, and because of the assurance measures that we are taking in the Baltics, in Poland and in Romania, we require additional rotational presence...
According to incoming Commander of NATO's Allied Land Command (LANDCOM), Lt. General Ben Hodges, the Atlantic Alliance's increased troop and equipment presence on Russia's borders will extend through 2015 and 2016. "This is going to go on," he said this week.

NATO increases its military presence on Russia's borders while condemning Russia for militarization.
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