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ISIS: Another Chapter in the Forever War


US politicians and officials keep upping the number of years the US will be at war in Iraq, with Sen. John McCain claiming we must remain for 100 years! In the latest podcast with Ron Paul and Charles Goyette, Dr. Paul shares his concerns that a new and "wildly hawkish" Senate will likely pursue "much more war, more killing, and more spending." It appears that the war will go on until we are entirely bankrupt, he says.

Dr. Paul points out that Obama's first choice to replace outgoing Defense Secretary Hagel was Michelle Flournoy, whose Center for a New American Security is entirely funded by defense contractors. That is the kind of thinking in Washington. Bankrupting the country on useless wars that enrich the well-connected.

Charles Goyette added that President Obama's Joint Chief's Chairman, Gen. Martin Dempsey's claim that it will take the US four years to prevail against ISIS is "wildly presumptuous," adding that while we say that the first victim in war is the truth, another early victim is the plan.

Listen to the entire very interesting discussion here.

A special thank you to the great Charles Goyette for his tremendously kind words about the Ron Paul Institute starting at about 11:20 in the discussion. Charles' comment that RPI has been an "indispensable" source of information about foreign policy issues was truly humbling for us at RPI and we are so grateful for his generosity. 

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