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Neocon Watch

Ron Paul Country is Now Occupied Territory

For nearly two decades, Ron Paul was the US Representative for Texas' 14thCongressional District. He navigated the massive storms of 9/11 and the war on Afghanistan, the PATRIOT Act, the Iraq War, the "Arab Spring," the Snowden revelations, and so much more. He fought to the full extent of his power to block US government infringements on our civil liberties and to prevent US government  infringement on the lives of others overseas.
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New Evidence Indicates the US Pushed for Removing Pakistan Prime Minister to End Pakistan’s Neutrality Regarding Ukraine War

A nation’s leader just wanting his nation to stay neutral regarding a war undertaken against another nation by the United States government can set in motion a US government effort to boot that leader from office. A previously secret Pakistan government document disclosed in a Wednesday in-depth The Intercept article suggests that such a removal effort is just what the US government successfully accomplished in Pakistan in the early days of the Ukraine War.
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Who Is the Institute for the Study of War?

Attention Students! Before we begin, that’s not a typographical error in the title. Whenever one investigates a "think tank," "study group," "not-for-profit," "non-governmental organization," or other such meddlesome troublemakers it needs to start with who rather than what. The people involved make the difference betwixt a mere charity and a nefarious character.
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Heritage Turns Conservative, Neocons Freak Out

The Heritage Foundation is getting carjacked by Beltway neocons after its political arm, Heritage Action, actually embraced fiscal conservatism and opposed the latest round of endless multi-billion dollar giveaways to Europe's most corrupt country, Ukraine. With crocodile tears, the Washington Post's neocon scribbler Josh Rogin is bemoaning how the "once-conservative" (read: neocon) Heritage Foundation is "abandoning the principles" of Ronald Reagan and instead embracing the isolationist nationalism of the MAGA crowd.
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Biden's Cuban Missile Crisis

Joe Biden's perverse legacy, if that term even applies anymore, may well be determined in the coming weeks by his handling of events in Ukraine. He can improve it by showing restraint against the relentless neoconservative chorus. One wonders what the results of a pure popular vote on the question of going to war with Russia over Ukraine would be, versus a vote solely within the DC beltway.
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Hawks Smear War Opponents Again

Advocates of an aggressive US foreign policy are again smearing their antiwar opponents. In his latest article on Substack, iconoclastic journalist Glenn Greenwald notes that he "cannot count the number of times" that he has "been accused of being a Kremlin agent or asset, not by random social media trolls but by prominent Democratic Party and liberal media and political figures for expressing those views."
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CATO Hires a Neocon Bigot

Neocon stench is not confined to the sweaty flatulence of Bill Kristol's writing chambers. Yes it's true that neocons at AEI and Brookings and Heritage and The Free Bacon, etc are all to be expected. It's like going to the zoo and looking into the chimp enclosure: you expect to see chimps and so you see chimps. But imagine going to the marmoset enclosure and also seeing chimps. Hmmm...what's going on here? We didn't expect to see chimps here.
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