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Neocon Watch

'If you hit them, they will behave ...' - The Neocons' Song.


I have long puzzled over the question of why the neocons; Lindsey Graham, the late John McCain (be brave Lindsey!), Jack Keane, Bolton, Pompeo, etc., etc., ad nauseam, cling so firmly to the idea of striking Iran a hard blow.

This weekend I heard the reason voiced on the Sunday newsies by several of the Faithful. "If you punish the Iranians they will behave," was the refrain. "They know they would lose to the US and so would be afraid to go to war with us."  This delusion is a variation of the Rational Actor Model. This poli-sci inspired model is based on the false premise that everyone, everywhere functions on the basis of the same priorities and values. This is an untruth. For example, a willingness to die for one's country is not a universally shared attitude.  Nor is, a belief in an almighty God who dictates one's duty in this world. A god in whom the Muslims actually believe as expressed in the shahada (testimony) depicted above.

So, pilgrims, the neocons believe that if the Iranians are punished like children who are spanked for picking their noses, they will recognize the error of their ways and the country will accept the will of the US and more importantly of the Zionists who are IMO the source of such a belief. Zionism seeks a Middle East pacified with regard to the existence and hegemony of the Jewish State. 

To that end the Zionists have followed a relentless practice of punishing their opponents in order to bring them to heel. That has never worked for them but they persist in this "strategery" and have clearly convinced a critical number of movers and shakers in the US to follow their lead.

Reprinted with permission from Sic Semper Tyrannis.
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