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Tina Jennings

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Washington Hubris on Full Display at London Foreign Policy Speech


Any doubts that the US government views the nature of its relationship with the UK on foreign policy as one of subservience can be finally put to rest after the visit to London last week of Evelyn Farkas, former US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia. Farkas, who was relieved of her position in the Obama administration some months ago, addressed the UK’s foreign policy elite at Chatham House, the Royal Institute for International Affairs. 

Farkas’s oversight of the region saw relations with Russia deteriorate to a level not seen since the Cold War deep freeze. Ukraine has been the guinea pig in a US-orchestrated and financed coup (under EU cover) that ousted a democratically elected president – in 21st century Europe, as though it were some banana republic – and resulted in tens of thousands of casualties and a protracted conflict with no end in sight between once-close nations.

Two years on, Ukraine remains the basket case of Europe, teetering on the verge of failed statehood with the rest of the world rapidly losing interest, domestic corruption levels exceeding anything previously known, and an American ex-US State Department official set to be appointed prime minister. And yet, Farkas had the audacity to lecture leading UK policymakers, Eurasian area experts and journalists on "how to deal with a resurgent Russia."
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