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Matthew Allen

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US Sends 'Small Armada' to Confront China as Beijing Accuses Washington of 'Containment'


Obama's so-called "pivot to Asia" has always meant one thing and one thing only: Provoking China and threatening its sphere of influence.

And luckily for Obama, the US has perfected the art of military provocation. It's now been confirmed that the US Navy has sent a "small armada" consisting of "the carrier John C. Stennis, two destroyers, two cruisers and the 7th Fleet flagship" to the South China Sea in order to "confront" China.

Some might wonder why China needs to be "confronted" in the South China Sea. As usual, it has nothing to to with "democracy promotion" and everything to do with economic control of the region:

The arrival of group led by the carrier USS John C. Stennis is seen as the latest signal to China that the US will continue to enforce freedom of navigation in the waters through which about US$5 trillion ($7.4 trillion) of trade is shipped each year.
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