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Caleb Maupin

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Hillary Clinton, A Friend of International Terrorism?


Like all other major candidates in the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Rodham Clinton promises to continue the “war on terrorism.” Despite her rhetoric, Rodham Clinton has undisputedly worked directly for the benefit of terrorism around the world. At least two groups that were legally designated as terrorist organizations by the US State Department have directly benefited from her support.

Mujahadeen E-Khalq (MEK), or the People’s Holy Warriors, is a strange sect of “Islamic Marxists” that was founded in Iran. The group murdered many Iranians during the 1970s as well as a few US citizens. When Iran had its Islamic revolution in 1979, the MEK was at first hopeful that it could become the new ruling party. However, as it began to lose out during the triumph of Khomeini, MEK responded with a campaign of violent terrorism against Iranian government officials. Over 70 members of the Iranian parliament were killed when MEK bombed a meeting of the Islamic Republican Party.

De-Listing the Mujahadeen E-Khalq

MEK eventually made friends with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, who directed MEK members to go on a killing spree throughout the Iranian countryside during the Iraq-Iran war. Divisions of MEK fighters calling themselves the “Iranian National Liberation Army” destroyed the village of Eslamabad-e Gharb, slaughtering a large number of civilians in the process.
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