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Adam Dick

PolitiFact’s Crummy ‘Fact Checking’ on Coronavirus Shots Safety


Two recent articles from PolitiFact, a purported fact-checking organization, suggest that the message of the organization regarding experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots that the United States government has been pushing people to take for over a year is this: Just trust the US government claim that the shots are safe irrespective of the fact that two of the US government’s own systems for tracking health data are flashing major warning signals regarding danger from the shots.

On December 10, Samantha Putterman wrote at PolitiFact that the reporting to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) managed Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) of much higher rates of adverse events including death and major health problems among people who took the experimental coronavirus shots than among people who took other vaccines should be totally disregarded. You read that right. The “fact checker” says, to know if the shots are safe, it is best to totally disregard the US government system that was created to track such adverse events in order to alert people to potential dangers from vaccines.

The “fact check” concludes that it is a “pants on fire” falsehood to suggest that the extraordinarily high rate of adverse events reports to VAERS for coronavirus shots indicates any danger whatsoever from the shots. Why? Putterman writes: “Health officials and experts said that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and comparable to others, and that they would have been discontinued if they had caused many deaths.”
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Don’t Be Too Emboldened by the Poll Saying 70 Percent of Americans Want to Accept Covid and Get On With Their Lives


Opponents of coronavirus crackdowns have found encouragement in the results of a new Monmouth University poll in which 70 percent of surveyed Americans responded that they tend to agree with the following statement: “It’s time we accept that Covid is here to stay and we just need to get on with our lives.” Supermajority agreement with this statement does seem to be a good sign for freedom. But, considering respondents’ answers to other questions in the poll suggests that a substantial portion of people saying we need to “get on with our lives” are actually supporting doing so in a “new normal” manner that incorporates significant aspects of violations of freedom that government has imposed in the name of countering coronavirus.

The poll results show that 43 percent of surveyed individuals say United States President Joe Biden has “done a good job” in his “dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.” Hmmm. This is the president who has imposed, in the name of countering coronavirus, major restrictions of the exercise of freedom. These restrictions include a national mask mandate for transportation related activities and on government property. Biden also imposed national vaccine mandates upon many Americans — those working for companies with 100 or more employees, for many health care related companies, for the US government, and for contractors or subcontractors of the US government.

But, maybe most the overlap of the people who say we just need to get on with our lives and also say Biden has done a good job dealing with coronavirus can be explained away. Some of these individuals may be ignorant of what Biden has done in regard to the matter and have just given him the benefit of the doubt. Some of them may know the anti-freedom actions Biden has pursued but are happy he has not gone further to, say, send people to coronavirus concentration camps or require people to show vaccine passports to go about their daily activities — other than working at a job.
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It Is Not Just Coronavirus Vaccine, Mumps Vaccine Is Not Working Either


It has been clear for several months that the experimental coronavirus “vaccines” widely promoted by politicians and big money media as super-effective at countering coronavirus are actually ineffective. The reaction of shots promotors to this problem has been to tell people they should take repeated booster shots, maybe forever.

With each additional shot, people are again exposed to the dangers from an experimental coronavirus vaccine that does not provide anywhere near the initially claimed protection against something that for most people poses little risk of serious sickness or death. To boot, people who take the shots can still become infected, just like people who do not take the shots. They can also still become seriously sick and die.

In short, the experimental coronavirus shots are a joke — a dangerous joke.

Yet, the joke is bigger than that. The effectiveness of other shots that parents have been urged, and required, to have injected into their children to protect against various diseases may be overstated as well.
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Parents, Prepare for a Barrage of Coronavirus ‘Vaccine’ Propaganda from Your Children’s Pediatricians


An early warning sign that your child’s pediatrician is a coronavirus propagandist instead of a trusted source of information regarding coronavirus is zealous enforcement of a requirement that you and your child wear masks in the pediatrician’s office. It is not established that masks provide net protection against coronavirus. What is established is that masks can cause health problems.

It will probably get worse from there. Many pediatricians and their employees will pursue with vigor a primary mission of ensuring that every child who enters their offices and can receive experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots — now children down to age five — do receive those shots immediately. Soon even babies will likely be in the crosshairs.

Never mind that for children the risk of coronavirus causing serious sickness is very low and the risk of it causing death is virtually zero. Never mind that the shots carry major known health risks. Never mind that the rushed introduction of the shots with scanty testing suggests the shots may carry many yet unknown health dangers. Never mind that the shots are not even effective at achieving their supposed purpose — protecting against coronavirus. Never mind that many children already have especially enhanced coronavirus immunity due to previous exposure to coronavirus, making shots for them a doubly absurd risk. The pediatrician is on a “public health” mission; facts and science are concerns for another time.
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Voting for the Guy Who Fired You


“Vote for me; I’m the guy who fired you because you didn’t take experimental coronavirus ‘vaccine’ shots.” “Vote for me; I’m the guy who made you take experimental coronavirus ‘vaccine’ shots to keep your job.” These are far from persuasive campaign slogans. But, these slogans are what hundreds of thousands to millions of people who voted for President Joe Biden a year ago will be hearing in their heads come election day in 2024 should Biden be the Democratic presidential nominee.

Expect many of these voters to be determined not to vote the same way they did last time. The man who publicly led the charge to threaten their livelihoods and place them in the terrible position of choosing between being fired and receiving the experimental injections will not merit consideration. Biden made it personal. Many people will not easily forgive and forget.

And it is not just the many 2020 Biden voters who have been fired or have taken the shots under duress who will rule out voting for Biden again. Spouses, family members, and friends of these people will make the same decision.

Biden’s reelection prospects always appeared to rely on a thin margin of victory. With his push for firing people who refuse to take the shots, he may have ensured that that margin is unattainable, and that such is clear long before election day.
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Organizations Advocate for the US Government’s Marijuana Legalization to Wall Off Marijuana from Alcohol and Tobacco


Maybe you thought the United States government legalizing marijuana would just mean the US government would butt out, leaving people alone to smoke joints or eat chocolate chip and marijuana cookies in peace. Unfortunately, national marijuana legalization will not be like that if 12 organizations behind a new report have their way.
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Texas Governor Stands Up Against President Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Vaccine Bullying


Maybe Texas Governor Greg Abbott was influenced by the billboards that appeared around Texas last month urging people to resist bullying regarding experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots and to instead make their own informed choices. Maybe Abbott perceived the strong opposition among voters to the increasingly harsh measures being taken to push the shots on people. Maybe Abbott’s conscience urged him to act. No matter the reason, Abbott on Monday took a stand for the rights of Texans. Abbott issued an executive order in contradiction to a mandate President Biden announced in September that employers require employees to take the shots. Abbott also added to the agenda of the state legislature’s ongoing special session consideration of legislation similar to the executive order.

In a “whereas” clause of his executive order, Abbott calls out Biden for bullying regarding the shots, declaring, “in yet another instance of federal overreach, the Biden Administration is now bullying many private entities into imposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates, causing workforce disruptions that threaten Texas’ s continued recovery from the COVID- 19 disaster.” Abbott’s answer to this bulling is to declare that people have access to a broad range for exemptions from any mandates by their employers or other entities that they take any coronavirus vaccines. Children in Texas have similar broad exemptions available in regard to the many shots mandated for school attendance.
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A State Health Department Leader Who Puts Freedom First


Over the last year and a half, many state health department leaders across America have been leading the charge against freedom. In the name of countering coronavirus, they have been demanding that businesses, churches, and community organizations shut down, and that people stay in their homes, wear masks, “social distance,” and take experimental coronavirus “vaccines.” Those demands and more make up the coronavirus crackdowns that these tyrannical bureaucrats have been pushing on Americans.

In sharp contrast with this mob of tyrannical bureaucrats, on Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis refreshingly appointed Joseph Ladapo to be the leader of the state’s health department. The new state surgeon general, in his comments at the Tuesday appointment announcement event, spoke boldly in favor of freedom and against using health fearmongering, including the overstating of dangers from coronavirus, as an excuse to violate individual rights.

In laying out his general approach as Florida surgeon general, Ladapo started with a statement about rejecting fear as a guide for public health policy. Ladapo stated...
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Transitioning from Vaccine Passports to Everything Passports


Israel has gone further quicker than most governments in pushing people to take experimental coronavirus vaccines and imposing vaccine passports as a requirement for people to go about their daily activities. Last week, Israel Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz announced that holders of these vaccine passports, called green passes by the government, will be required to take yet another shot of experimental coronavirus “vaccine” — termed a booster shot — and, apparently, keep taking more booster shots and being exposed to additional side-effect risks each additional five to six months or their vaccine passports will be revoked.

If this new requirement can be imposed on people in order for them to keep their vaccine passports operating, there is no limit to the requirements that can be piled on. Israel is making the first move in transitioning from vaccine passports to everything passports.

To supposedly limit the spread of coronavirus, Israel or another government could next decide that a vaccine passport may be revoked if a person is caught not wearing a mask where required, not properly “social distancing,” gathering in a group larger than allowed, or posting on the internet or otherwise communicating ideas related to coronavirus that are deemed “misinformation.”

More broadly, to “protect public health,” vaccine passport could start being revoked because a person does not take a flu shot or whatever new shots or pills come out next — say for AIDS or Alzheimer’s prevention, fails to attend a yearly “wellness visit” with his doctor, seeks alternative treatment instead of taking prescribed pharmaceuticals, or does not make sure his children receive every recommended vaccination on time under a government schedule.
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Pediatricians Organization: Keep Kids Masked and Separated Until They Have Received Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Shots


While state and local governments, schools, businesses, and various venues have lately been removing mask and social distancing requirements for adults and children, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) this week laid out its recommendation that all children and adolescents, ages two and older, who have not been “fully vaccinated” for coronavirus wear masks and “socially distance” in a wide variety of circumstances when they are outside their homes. The AAP’s mask wearing recommendation even extends to at home “in households that include medically fragile, immunocompromised, or at-risk adults and children.”

The absurdity of the AAP’s recommendation is evident when you consider that, first, children and adolescents have a very low probability of becoming seriously sick or dying from coronavirus and, second, it has not been established that mask wearing and “social distancing” provide any net protection from infection. While absurd, the recommendation is also dangerous given that there are known harms, both physical and mental, to young people from their being required to wear masks and distance themselves from other people while going about their daily activities.

Regarding children’s risks from coronavirus, the AAP relates that from state reports it appears that coronavirus in children leads to hospitalization between just 0.1 percent to 1.9 percent of the time and death between 0.00 percent and 0.03 percent of the time. Further, a study published last week in AAP’s journal Hospital Pediatrics suggest even the low hospitalization numbers for children are much overstated, with review of a hospital’s records indicating that nearly 40 percent of children identified as being hospitalized for coronavirus were instead just patients without any coronavirus symptoms who were hospitalized for other reasons but happened to test positive under the hospital’s universal coronavirus testing policy.
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