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No To Vaccine 'Mandates' & 'Passports'!


When the ideas of Liberty dominate - humanity flourishes.

When the ideas of tyranny and authoritarianism dominate - humanity suffers.

Back and forth the pendulum seems to swing. From light to dark; and then dark to light.

We live in dark times.

Many people now look back on 2020 with regret, shame and anger. Rolling over to fear did not work out at all. Allowing government to take unprecedented unconstitutional control over society produced nothing but disaster, as it always has (and always will).

The masks turned out to be useless, as was the anti-social distancing. The lockdowns produced record drug overdoses, skyrocketing suicides amongst the young (i.e., those least at risk) as well as mental and physical problems that will probably reverberate for many years to come.

With a virus that has a survival rate of 99.7% (and 99.9% in children) the entire world was turned upside-down; not by the virus itself, but by the government policies enacted in the name of it.

Even though so many people all over the world now see the light, the authoritarians continue forward without pause. Over the past weekend, there were massive protests all over the world. Videos from one country after another became available for all the see. While most people rolled over in 2020, such is not the case in 2021.

There is tremendous resistance to the insane follow-up ideas that are being proposed --- mandated vaccines and vaccine passports.

Everyone who values their freedom should be speaking out against these ideas with passion and great feeling. The reasons are too many to count. The stakes are too high to even put into words. For mere words cannot capture what it means to be free. Civilization itself is being challenged in ways that its never been challenged before.

Let's begin with vaccine "mandates." 

Vaccines, along with every other medical treatment, must be voluntarily chosen. This position should be held even by those who have chosen to take the Covid vaccine. 

You exercised your best judgment and then acted on your best judgment. Other individuals must choose what they believe to be best for them.

If government were to ever have the power to force chemicals into people's bodies, then humanity would live under a medical totalitarian dictatorship. Your sovereignty over your one-and-only body would belong to other human beings.

This is no little thing that we're talking about here. Your authority over your body would be gone.

Let's say that you're happy with your decision to get the Covid vaccine. Fine! 

But what if you're not happy about the next "mandated" injection? What if you don't want the next one? What if you don't want the next one for your kids either?

What if the next "mandated" injection (that you don't want) ends up harming either you or your loved ones?

What then?

It's too late.

You never had a choice. You never had a chance.

This is why, even if you have no problem with the Covid vaccine, you should be fervently against "mandates" of the Covid vaccine. It is 100% in your best long-term interest to be against them.

Allow mandates and forced vaccinations and everyone becomes a pin cushion (and cash cow) for Big Pharma. These massive companies wouldn't have to sell you, or try to persuade you to use their product. You would forced to have their product injected into your body. 

Such a dystopian idea should be rejected full stop.

Next, let's go to the issue of dividing our society into groups, and the tyrannical idea of "vaccine passports." The groups are broken into those that do what the government wants to their own bodies, and those that refuse to do what the government wants to their own bodies.

Both individuals and businesses should be against this idea. First, and foremost, on moral grounds.

But in addition to basic morality, why on Earth would you, a business owner, want to act as the 'vaccine police' for the government? Do you really want to turn away sales and harm your livelihood because someone hasn't taken a needle? Do you really want to deal with the endless daily headaches that "vaccine passports" would bring about? 

Didn't government "lockdowns" do enough damage to your business? You want a Round 2 of economic pain? Isn't surviving and thriving as a business hard enough? 

"Vaccine passports" would make doing business even harder still.

Segregating society into two groups would create constant conflict. Authoritarians don't mind this, of course, as it is a matter of routine. Divide-and-rule goes back to ancient times. When the people are arguing with one another, their focus is not on you! It's the ultimate act of deflection. Get the people to fight amongst themselves.

But do you, as an individual, want perpetual conflict over vaccines? Do you want it to be a part of your daily life going forward? Isn't it enough already? 

We only get one life. How long are we going to let this dominate it?

Accepting "vaccine passports" would mean we want this insanity to continue to dominate our lives; as well as the lives of all children. Is this how we want them to see our beautiful world?

The idea of "vaccine passports" needs to be squashed before it takes root. Speak out.

We live in dark times.

But after darkness comes the light.

Let's not find out how dark it can get....

Let your voice play its part in adding strength to the light.

Reprinted with permission from Ron Paul Liberty Report.
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