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Big Thanks to #GivingTuesday Peace Heroes!


On Tuesday of this week, designated #GivingTuesday, I sent to our subscribers a rare direct call for donations. We are only too aware of the many organizations who constantly demand your contributions while never really demonstrating what you are getting for your money. So we regularly send our subscribers  a weekly update of what we have published and the projects we are working on, packaged together with original and exclusive commentary/analysis usually provided by yours truly.

Our philosophy is "deliver the goods first, then ask for support."

#GivingTuesday is the designated day at the beginning of the holiday shopping surge - after "Black Friday," "Small Business Saturday," "Cyber Monday," etc. - where individuals are encouraged to support the non-profit organizations they believe are working to make the world a better place. I am delighted and humbled to inform our friends that this year the participation was the greatest yet. So many wonderful folks stepped up and made their tax-deductible donation to keep the Ron Paul Peace Movement growing and healthy!

So from Dr. Paul, myself, and all of us at the Ron Paul Institute and the Ron Paul Liberty Report, please allow us to publicly thank all of you on this list from the bottom of our hearts for your generous support for our efforts. 

Chester Anderson
Hendrik Bakker
Christopher Barta
John Bartel
Walter Block
Cory Brickner
Laura Burdick
Paul Butch
Alan Carden
Matthew Chisholm
Andrew Ciofalo
Paul Culley
Joseph DeFere
David Demarest
Cathryn Draper
Matthew Dreyer
Stephen Elmaleh
Adelyn Fields
Connor Freeman
Nicholas Gore
Russell Haas
Charles Hollman
Ekena Indracusin
Kaare Johansson
Randee Laskewitz
Roger Leahy
Martha Loeffler
Marco & Mary Menendez
Daniel Mitchell
Greg Morin
Thomas Morrissey
Benjamin Norton
Thomas Ollendorf
Katarina and Rowland Palairet
Anthony Pappas
John Perez
Cassandra Perretta
Kelly Riordan
Rodney Roland
Ron Simmons
Mary Sloan
Vicki and Shawn Stone
Gerald Sullivan
Tom Szabo
David Thacker
Olga Timofeeva
M.C. Travis
Alexander Vigor
Gary Vogler
Roque Volkmer
Tonya Williams
Galen Weiss
Deborah Young

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