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Lew Rockwell: Europe Bowing to US Hegemon on Russia Sanctions

Mises Institute Chairman and Ron Paul Institute Board Member Lew Rockwell speaks out against US-instigated sanctions on Russia in a recent RT interview. With reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel may be easing toward the notion of dialogue with the Russian leadership, Rockwell warns that unless Europe wakes up and stops taking orders from the US, its foolish policy toward Russia may well lead the EU into a serious recession.

On sanctions, Lew Rockwell was unequivocal:
Sanctions are immoral, they are anti-civillian. they seek to sicken, to starve, to impoverish civilians. ...

They are weapons of war, they are acts of war. ...They're hurting the Germans, hurting other people in Europe too. Why are they doing it? Because the empire, the hegemon, the USA is ordering them to do it, and it is a terrible thing.
Do not miss this powerful interview with the great Lew Rockwell:

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