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Ron Paul: Anti-Russia Bill Passed by Congress ‘Part of the War Propaganda Machine’

Republicans and Democrats have the same foreign policy. One may be a little more aggressive than the other, but they all support intervention.

So said RPI chairman Ron Paul when asked today how so many from both parties could support the recent bill passed in the US House rattling the saber at Russia.

Paul continued, "I bet they didn't read it (the bill). And if they did read it and still voted for it, there is something wrong with them."

There is not much critical thinking going on in the US House when it comes to foreign policy, Ron Paul says. And the media is compliant:
Republicans and Democrats put their ear out there and think, 'this looks popular, everybody's voting for it, sounds good,' so they don't read the 16 pages and they say to themselves 'well this isn't really a declaration of war it might not even come up in the Senate.' But if you do this enough times -- it's propaganda, it's part of the war propaganda machine. Just like the major networks are. You're not going to hear criticism on Fox or MSNBC or CNN about this.
Watch the entire interview here:

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