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Ron Paul: No Matter the Presidential Race Outcome, the US Is Going the Way of the USSR

Three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul, interviewed Tuesday on Fox Business, suggested that in the 2016 presidential race, in which Paul is not supporting any candidate, neither Democrat Hillary Clinton nor Republican Donald Trump is proposing a course of action that will fix the fundamental problems of the US government. These problems are severe, says Paul, who opines that “we’re witnessing” in American now “something similar to the breakup of the Soviet system” decades earlier. Paul says the Soviet Union system didn’t work then, just like the United States system doesn’t work now.
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Dallas Violence: Wave Of The Future?

In recent shooting attacks, Republicans have wanted to blame "violent jihad" and Democrats have wanted to blame guns. The Dallas shooting has upset this scenario to a degree. Was the shooter influenced by his time spent near the battlefield in Afghanistan? Was he on medication to combat the effects of PTSD? There is a deeper unrest in society, particularly in the inner cities, as the drug war and the actions of the Federal Reserve are driving people over the financial edge and in many cases into prison. What can be done? We look at these disturbing questions and more in today's Liberty Report...
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Ron Paul on the Drug War, Federal Reserve, and Killing of Dallas Cops

To understand the conditions in America that can contribute to tensions with police and even potentially individuals being motivated to kill cops as occurred in Dallas, Texas on Thursday, it is important that people look at the United States government’s war on drugs and the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul Institute Chairman Ron Paul presented this argument in a recent Fox Business interview with host Deirdre Bolton.
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Defense Spending: Do Presidents Make a Difference?

It’s generally taken for granted in the press and by the "Defense Cognoscenti" that the election of a president is a major determinant of  the size and shape of the defense budget.  It is also conventional wisdom that Republicans have been more pro-defense than Democrats — with the degree of being pro-defense measured by the size of the defense budget.  If these assumptions were universally true, the historical record would bear this out.  But the historical record is mixed, to put it charitably.
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In Dallas, Drone Wars Just Came Home

The Dallas shootings have ushered in a very new world for US citizens. For the very first time, drones have been used on US soil to kill Americans without trial or charges. The suspected shooter in yesterday's tragic killings, US Army veteran Micah Xavier Johnson, was, according to police and press reports, holed up in a parking garage and would not give himself up. After hours of what police claimed were fruitless negotiations with Johnson, a weaponized robot was sent to where he was hiding and blown up, taking Johnson with it.
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Ron Paul: Afghanistan a Failure Whether Washington Likes it or Not

As President Obama was announcing today that he would be leaving 3,000 more US troops than planned in Afghanistan, Ron Paul told Fox Business it would be best to bring all the troops home. Drawing down from the current 9,800 US troops to 8,400 instead of the planned 5,500 "is not going to make any difference," said Dr. Paul. "He needs to bring them all home and change the policy."
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Blair’s Lies On Iraq Exposed. Is W Next?

The Chilcot Report has now been published in full. Tony Blair wanted to be a billionaire. But all that money can’t buy his reputation back. He is thoroughly disgraced. The shame fairly reeks.

Blair, dressed for a funeral, denies, denies, denies. He knows no shame, but he has been shamed.

Curious that the Brits were willing to do what an American bipartisan War Party refused to do: doggedly pursue the truth and then publish it all.
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