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Hidden Mics as Part of Government Surveillance Program

In another example of multi-dimensional clash among the Fourth Amendment, privacy, technology, and the surveillance state, hidden microphones that are part of a broad, public clandestine government surveillance program that has been operating around the San Francisco Bay Area have been exposed.

The FBI planted listening devices at bus stops and other public places trying to prove real estate investors in San Mateo and Alameda counties are guilty of bid rigging and fraud. FBI agents were previously caught hiding microphones inside light fixtures and at public spaces outside an Oakland Courthouse, between March 2010 and January 2011.
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Ron Paul: Improved Relations with Cuba and Iran Are ‘Best Things that Obama Ever Did’

Speaking Wednesday with host Sandra Smith on Fox Business, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Chairman Ron Paul praised President Barack Obama for opening relations with Cuba and Iran. Paul strongly criticizes in the interview Obama’s interventions overseas — mentioning Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and Afghanistan interventions in particular. Yet, Paul also comments that improving relations with Cuba and Iran are “the best things that Obama ever did.”
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UN Security Council May Arm Libyan Unity Gov’t to Fight ISIS

The UN Security Council today agreed on a plan to "train and equip" an army loyal to the Libyan "Government of National Accord" after US Secretary of State John Kerry made a strong case for the remilitarization of the conflict. The UN-created "Government of National Accord" may be supported by western governments, but it has virtually no support in Libya. It's unelected "presidential council" will be the real power behind the "unity" government, but so unpopular is the group that it had to be delivered to Libya from Tunisia via warship. Ron Paul Institute Executive Director Daniel McAdams is interviewed on RT America with his take on today's dramatic move...
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Oops! CIA 'Accidentally' Destroyed Its Only Copy of Senate Torture Report

The CIA was once so interested in the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on CIA torture that it secretly spied on the US Senate to see what they were coming up with. These days...well, not so much. They hardly seem interested in the report at all. In fact, the CIA Inspector General's office has acknowledged that it "mistakenly" destroyed its only copy of the Senate torture report. 

As Yahoo News reports, it is particularly alarming that the CIA office charged with oversight on matters of illegal CIA activity has bungled its handling of the report. And what a coincidence the CIA loss of the report turns out to be! It seems that, "CIA inspector general officials deleted an uploaded computer file with the report and then accidentally destroyed a disk that also contained the document, filled with thousands of secret files about the CIA’s use of 'enhanced' interrogation methods."
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Did You Know? US Special Forces Fighting in Libya and Somalia

With the ongoing larger US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and elsewhere, it can easily become the "new normal" that US troops are also fighting in (relatively) small numbers in places we just do not hear about, in wars the media does not question, in bloody conflicts that Congress does not bother to debate much less authorize. Once it was news when US troops were fighting overseas. But now the total US militarization of the rest of the world is so non-controversial that the average American doesn't even seem fazed about it.
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