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The Enriched Bread Scam

Back in grade school PE class the coach would, on occasion, have the students sit together on the gymnasium floor for a short lecture. One of those lectures I have thought about periodically in the years since. It is the lecture in which the coach described the enriched bread scam.
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Hotels, a Refuge for Free Speech

This century we have seen a major crackdown on free speech in America. The crackdown has shut off much free speech, including at colleges and social media websites where free speech had before seemed quite welcome.
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Donald Trump in New Campaign Video is Following Through on Running as the Peace Candidate

On February 8, I wrote about indications that Donald Trump may run as the peace candidate in the 2024 Republican presidential primary. Concluding, I commented, “We’ll see if Trump follows through with this campaign strategy.” This week, the Trump campaign released a new video of Trump speaking about matters related to war and peace. The video indicates that Trump is indeed following through on that peace candidate campaign strategy.
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When President Grover Cleveland Rejected Congressional Pressure for War against Spain

During the Tuesday episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, host Ron Paul answered questions that viewers had submitted. In the process of answering one of the questions, Paul mentioned that there was an instance in which President Grover Cleveland, who Paul has praised before, stood up against congressional pressure for the United States to go to war.
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New Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley — the Ron Paul institute has some Background Information

Nikki Haley announced on Tuesday that she is running for president of the United States as a Republican.

What may a Haley presidency look like?

To help answer that question, check out the nine articles linked below from the website of the Ron Paul Institute. The articles all focus on Haley — a former South Carolina governor, US ambassador to the United Nations, and Boeing Board of Directors member.
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