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Judge Andrew Napolitano: ‘Reprehensible’ to Label Black Lives Matter as Terrorist Group

Speaking this week with host Jamie Allman on 97.1 FM radio in St. Louis, Missouri, former New Jersey state Judge Andrew Napolitano said it would be “reprehensible” to label Black Lives Matter a terrorist group. Some people have suggested such action in the wake of the killing of five cops in Dallas, Texas that overlapped with a Thursday nonviolent protest related to police brutality.
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Dallas Violence: Wave Of The Future?

In recent shooting attacks, Republicans have wanted to blame "violent jihad" and Democrats have wanted to blame guns. The Dallas shooting has upset this scenario to a degree. Was the shooter influenced by his time spent near the battlefield in Afghanistan? Was he on medication to combat the effects of PTSD? There is a deeper unrest in society, particularly in the inner cities, as the drug war and the actions of the Federal Reserve are driving people over the financial edge and in many cases into prison. What can be done? We look at these disturbing questions and more in today's Liberty Report...
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