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Examining the Drug War and Trump Administration: Adam Dick on Liberty Talk Radio

On Tuesday, I was a guest for the second time on Joe Cristiano’s Liberty Talk Radio show. Cristiano is a well-informed and thoughtful talk show host. He adeptly handles interviews, ensuring they are both entertaining and educational. The Tuesday interview begins with an in-depth discussion of the war on drugs before shifting to a discussion of Donald Trump’s performance as president. Spoiler alert, Cristiano and I are not very pleased with Trump’s actions so far, though I do point to a couple bright spots.
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Ron Paul: Neocons in Trump Administration are Pushing US Conflict with Russia

Libertarian communicator and former presidential candidate Ron Paul examined President Donald Trump’s foreign policy regarding Russia in an in-depth discussion last week with host Sophie Shevardnadze on the RT show SophieCo. Paul says in the interview that he had been pleased with Trump’s campaign statements supporting improving United States relations with Russia and expresses concern about the Trump administration’s sudden shift away from this objective.
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The Last Palm Sunday in Syria?

On Palm Sunday, Syrian President Assad visited a Christian church to mark the beginning of Holy Week, a most important time on the Christian calendar. Though not himself a Christian, Assad, for all his faults, has maintained Syria as a multi-confessional, secular state, where Christians and other religious minorities can worship freely. As RPI's Daniel McAdams tells RT in the below interview, if the Trump Administration has its way and Assad is overthrown, it will likely be the last Palm Sunday for Christians in Syria. McAdams also comments on the Lavrov/Tillerson meeting in Moscow and the UN Security Council vote on Syrian chemical weapons...
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