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The Antiwar Conservatives, With Rep. John Duncan, Jr.

What is it like to vote against war in a conservative Congressional district? Rep. John Duncan (R-TN) found out that you can vote your conscience, explain it to your constituents, and continue to get elected. And educate conservatives about war in the process. Rep. Duncan is the last remaining Republican in the US House who voted against the 2003 Iraq war and he's still voting his conscience: he is one of only three Representatives to vote against the new North Korea/Iran/Russia sanctions bill. Today's Liberty Report visits with Rep. Duncan on what it means to be an antiwar conservative...
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Pence Cheers New Russia Sanctions Bill, in Split with Trump

The Trump Administration’s continued struggle to get on the same page with one another on foreign policy messages continued today, as Vice President Mike Pence, touring Eastern Europe, issued statements praising the new Russia sanctions bill signed earlier this week.

The bill was passed by vast majorities in both the House and Senate, and signed by President Trump, though the president has since slammed the bill as the reason for worsening US-Russia relations, which he termed to be at “an all-time and very dangerous low.
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We're Losing Afghanistan. Can We Win?

President Trump summoned his generals and experts to the "situation room" at the White House late last month. He was furious that there was no plan to win Afghanistan and that after 16 years we were, in his words, "losing" in Afghanistan. What can be done? Some told him to send in many more troops. Others told him to pull out troops. The big mercenary companies want the war privatized to them. Perhaps the real problem is that no one knows what "winning" the war could possibly look like. No one in Washington has a clue.
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New Russia Sanctions Come as Hacking Narrative Falls Apart

Why more sanctions on Russia now over the 2014 Ukraine coup and aftermath? Why new sanctions now as the claims that Russia "hacked" the US election seem to be based on ever more flimsy assumptions? Because sanctions are falsely seen as a harmless way for Washington to compel other countries to comply with its foreign policy goals. In fact sanctions often lead to war. RPI's Daniel McAdams is interviewed on the new sanctions and also on a peculiar section of the sanctions legislation that might be interpreted as the first move against Russian government-funded media like RT and Sputnik
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