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The Coronavirus Crackdown Hour with Adam Dick

Saturday, I returned as a guest at the Patriot’s Lament show at KFAR radio of Fairbanks, Alaska. The one-hour interview with hosts Joshua Bennett and Michael Anderson is focused almost entirely on the coronavirus crackdowns people have been suffering under for the last six month in Alaska where Bennett and Anderson live, in Texas where I live, and across America.
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The No-Compromise Texas Republican Party Resolution Telling the Republican Governor to Immediately End His Entire Coronavirus Crackdown

The Republican Party of Texas executive committee has taken a heroic action that could serve as an example for Republican and Democratic parties across America. It has adopted, by a 54 to 4 vote, a resolution clearly and emphatically demanding that Texas Governor Greg Abbott immediately end all the liberty-repressing measures that, over the last six months while the state legislature has been in recess, Abbott has imposed unilaterally in the name of countering coronavirus.
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Crazy and Contemptible College Coronavirus Rules: Online-Only Student Who Is Never on Campus Suspended for Attending a Party

So you want to avoid the mask mandateslong lists of grim rulesadministrators demanding strict adherence to these rules, and prison-like conditions that have become the norm at many university campuses in the name of countering coronavirus? You may choose to be an online-only student and stay away from your university’s campus and the repression that you would find there. It sounds like a good idea. But, this plan may not always work. The repression may find you off campus as well.
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Pentagon Sending Troops to Syria

The bizarre and erratic policies of President Trump continue. 

One minute the president is reducing troops in hot zones, a few minutes later he is sending troops into hot zones.

The Pentagon is deploying U.S. troops to Syria after a series of escalating encounters between the U.S. and Russian militaries, reports NBC.

The number of troops being deployed is reportedly small but it sets up one more tripwire that could result in future escalation.
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Should Government Destroy the Economy and Trample Liberty in the Name of Countering Coronavirus? Hold On, Let Me Grab My Calculator.

The Cato Institute came out Tuesday with its Pandemics and Policy collection of coronavirus-and-pandemics-related articles described as purposed to “provide policymakers with an actionable guide to policies that can harness [old‐​fashioned American ingenuity] and foster a resilient society capable of meeting the challenges ahead.” Among the articles is “Balancing Tradeoffs between Liberties and Lives” by Cato Institute Director of Economic Studies Jeffrey Miron and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Peter Van Doren.
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CDC Director: No ‘Regular Life’ Until At Least the Middle of Next Year

Remember President Donald Trump saying he wanted things to open up in America by Easter? Oh well. Throughout most of America, the coronavirus crackdowns are continuing strong five months after Easter. And United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert R. Redfield said Wednesday at a US Senate subcommittee hearing that “regular life” will not begin to return until, he predicts, the “late second quarter, third quarter” of next year — around the middle of 2021.
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Trump Wanted to Kill Assad? Really? RPI's Daniel McAdams Interview

Yesterday on Fox and Friends, President Trump played the tough guy, bragging that he had Syrian President Assad in his sights and wanted to "take him out" over the alleged sarin gas attack at Khan Shaykhun in 2017. It was only that "loser" General Mattis who held him back. RPI's Daniel McAdams is interviewed on RT to discuss Trump's revelations. Was it a lost opportunity to dispatch with a monster? Or is Trump hopelessly misinformed and in his blindness following the failed policies of his predecessor, Barack Obama? Is assassinating foreign leaders "putting America first"? Watch the interview...
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