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NH Police Chief: I Need Tanks to Fight the Free State Project!


Mother Jones reports that Concord, NH Police Chief John Duval has backed off his outlandish suggestion that his police department needs a Lenco Bearcat G3 to fend off the terrorism threat posed by the Free State Project and Occupy New Hampshire. Duval had made the claim in his application for a $250,000-plus grant to purchase the armored vehicle that Free State Project President Carla Gericke simply calls a tank.

Of course, Duval still wants his Bearcat nonetheless—even if he does have to amend his application. You see, several other New Hampshire police departments already have the armored vehicle, the Bearcat looks really neat in the advert video with AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" playing. And, somebody else is willing to pay for it! Nothing moves the demand curve like “it’s free”.
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US Intervention and Middle East 'Peace'

US intervention in the Middle East, whether overt or covert, was supposed to bring peace and stability -- even democracy and human rights -- to the region. Ten years after the US "liberation" of Iraq and some two years after US intervention on behalf of rebels seeking to overthrow the government in Syria we see these two horrific stories side-by-side. Do not be fooled: both are the direct result of US interventionism. And in both cases, the victims were made victims by the interventionism of the US government. As we ponder the supposedly rising terror threat of a suddenly reinvigorated al-Qaeda, we would do well to consider how the result of US intervention plays out on the ground -- particularly as the Obama administration has become full to the brim with "humanitarian interventionists."
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Leveretts: 'The Bankruptcy of Washington’s Approach to Nuclear Diplomacy'

In yet another timely and important article at this critical time in US/Iran relations, Ron Paul Institute Academic Board Members Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett shed some much-needed light and perspective on the seemingly irrational US reaction to the ascendence of an entire new ruling group in Iran which is expressly interested in finding a way to bridge the gaps with the West. The question, essentially, is whether the US is open to dialogue and the possibility of a peaceful solution to the three-plus decade US/Iran impasse, or whether war is considered the only available option.
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Major Terrorism Alert: Are They Crying 'Wolf'?

What should we make of the latest worldwide US government terrorism threat warning? Amidst the dramatic -- and well-covered in the mainstream media -- shuttering of several US embassies for at least a day or so, Americans are suddenly told to be very afraid. The media is so excited by this dramatic story that they have seemingly forgotten all about the latest NSA spying revelations.
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New RPI Feature: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We are pleased to announce a brand new feature here at the Ron Paul Institute. As part of "Congress Alert," our continuing effort to pick apart -- beyond the usual superficial talking points -- the legislation that is most important to our misssion, we are going to provide a glimpse of the essence of the Floor debates. We will provide the good, the bad, and the ugly as delivered to us by our Representatives and Senators in Washington, D.C. In their own words...
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