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Want to Attend a University where Free Speech is Respected? Don’t Write off Public Universities.

Some individuals seeking out a free speech respecting university to attend may write off state or public schools, assuming that private schools will better fit the bill. Survey results from the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), however, indicate that respect for free speech may more often be found at public colleges and universities.
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The Enriched Bread Scam

Back in grade school PE class the coach would, on occasion, have the students sit together on the gymnasium floor for a short lecture. One of those lectures I have thought about periodically in the years since. It is the lecture in which the coach described the enriched bread scam.
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Hotels, a Refuge for Free Speech

This century we have seen a major crackdown on free speech in America. The crackdown has shut off much free speech, including at colleges and social media websites where free speech had before seemed quite welcome.
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Donald Trump in New Campaign Video is Following Through on Running as the Peace Candidate

On February 8, I wrote about indications that Donald Trump may run as the peace candidate in the 2024 Republican presidential primary. Concluding, I commented, “We’ll see if Trump follows through with this campaign strategy.” This week, the Trump campaign released a new video of Trump speaking about matters related to war and peace. The video indicates that Trump is indeed following through on that peace candidate campaign strategy.
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