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New York Keeps Third Party Candidates Off the Ballot

In the November election, Republican and Democratic candidates for New York governor will face no opposition on the ballot from any third party candidates. The reason is not that nobody desires to run as a third party candidate. Instead, third party candidates were unable to meet the state government’s newly-imposed increased number of signatures required on ballot access petitions.
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Simone Gold, Fighter for Medical Freedom

Simone Gold is a fighter for medical freedom. Many Americans first learned of her when in July of 2020 Gold, who founded America’s Frontline Doctors, spoke along with other doctors at a Washington, DC press conference. The doctors challenged the coronavirus party line that had been pushed relentlessly in America over the preceding few months.
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California Bill on Governor’s Desk Puts in Jeopardy Medical Licenses of Doctors Who Do Not Toe the Line on Coronavirus

During the coronavirus scare, a small dissident group of American doctors stood up against the concerted effort of many politicians, people in the media, “public health” bureaucrats, doctors, and medical organizations to portray the coronavirus “vaccine” shots as “safe and effective” and something everyone should take.
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Why Many Marijuana Buyers in New York will Choose Black Market Dealers over Newly Legal Stores

High taxes and extensive regulation can make doing business, including providing a quality product at a low price, difficult to impossible. It looks like the New York state government is about to demonstrate this fact, as have some other marijuana-legalizing state governments before it, with the roll-out of its recreational marijuana legalization.
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The Coronavirus Crackdown Continues: School Kicks Out Four-Year-Old Child for Not Wearing a Mask

Over two years after the coronavirus crackdowns began across America, much of the authoritarian “public health” measures have been jettisoned. But some draconian government mandates pursued in the name of countering coronavirus remain in place. Included are outrageous mandates at some schools requiring children, who have always been at nearly zero risk of becoming seriously sick or dying from coronavirus, to wear masks. The masks, by the way, have not been established to provide net protection from coronavirus but do cause health problems.
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Donald Trump / Ron Paul 2024

Ron Paul has thrown his hat in the ring in three presidential races. Paul vied for the 2008 and 2012 Republican presidential nominations, after having campaigned as the Libertarian presidential nominee in 1988. Might there be another presidential ticket run in Paul’s future — this time for vice president as Donald Trump’s running mate in the 2024 election?
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After Election Day, Recreational Marijuana May Be Legal in Half the States

People in five states, plus a sixth if enough signatures are verified to place the matter on the ballot there, will be voting in the November 8 election on whether to legalize recreational marijuana in their respective states. With 19 states already having legal recreation marijuana, we could see the upcoming election results raise that count to 25 — half the states.
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‘Foreign Policy’ Does Nothing But Harm with Daniel McAdams

RPI Director joins Tom Mullen Talks Freedom to discuss whether US foreign policy benefits Americans or only the special interests. Also covered is the war in Ukraine. The US media has covered nothing but the Ukraine War for its first three months – and until Congress had appropriated $60 billion in taxpayer funds for weapons, supplied by US defense contractors. Coincidence? Or is all "foreign policy" merely welfare for the rich? Listen here
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