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Sen. Bob Corker Thinks the NSA Is Collecting Too Little of Our Private Information!

United States Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) made news on Wednesday with his astounding comment that he is “shocked” by “how little data” the National Security Agency (NSA) is collecting via the US government’s mass surveillance program and with his advocacy that the program “needs to be ramped up hugely.” Considering the vast scope of the spying program, Corker’s plea for yet more snooping appears to be a call for God-like omniscience.

Indeed, Corker is all but calling for the US government to seek the kind of all-seeing power Jesus described God as possessing when Jesus told the disciples that God has numbered the individual hairs on a person’s head and knows when a sparrow falls to the ground.
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Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Two-Minute Case against Extending Expiring PATRIOT Act Provisions

Judge Andrew Napolitano presents this week at the Fox News website his concise, two-minute argument for the United States Congress allowing some of the most liberty-threatening PATRIOT Act provisions to expire at the end of this month. Napolitano, who packs much powerful analysis and information into the short video presentation, argues that the PATRIOT Act both “completely destroys the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution” and “doesn’t keep us safe.”
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Radical Texas Marijuana Legalization Bill Passes in State House Committee

Texas took a step toward leapfrogging past all the states that have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use so far. In March, Texas State Rep. David Simpson introduced legislation (HB 2165) that would remove references to marijuana from the state criminal code so the plant would be legal just as are tomatoes. And, you know what, Simpson’s bold, no-compromise, forget about “taxing and regulating” move is yielding success in a state many people write off as destined either to never legalize marijuana or to be one of the last states to legalize marijuana. On Wednesday, the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee approved Simpson’s bill by a 5 to 2 bipartisan majority — after HB 2165 was moderated in the committee to retain marijuana restrictions for juveniles.
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Thank the US-backed Saudi Attack for the Rise of Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s United States-backed attack on Yemen is contributing to the rise of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS) in Yemen. This is the verdict of Ron Paul Institute Academic Board Member Hillary Mann Leverett in a very informative interview on the CCTV show The Heat this week.

Speaking with host Anand Naidoo, Leverett presents an overview of the ongoing Saudi attack on Yemen, which Leverett notes is “a wide-ranging bombing campaign that has bombed hospitals, has bombed refugee centers, has bombed civilian targets, as well as what [the Saudi Arabian government] may characterize as military targets.” She also addresses in the interview how, despite the attack on Yemen being promoted as the means to defeat the Houthis, the Houthis are “clearly coming out ahead.” In addition, Leverett argues that both al-Qaeda and ISIS in Yemen are benefiting from the attacks.
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A Documentary Worthy of Ron Paul

Lew Rockwell writes on his blog:
Lots of documentary makers have approached Ron Paul over the years, but none measured up, until now. Why is this film different? because Charles Goyette is making it. Charles has the technical and artistic abilities, but so did some of the others. What he also has is devotion to principle in the Ron Paul tradition. Charles was the top Phoenix talk show host, headed for national syndication, until the owner of his station, the neocon Clear Channel, ordered him to promote George W. Bush’s monstrous war on Iraq.  Charles, a true-blue libertarian and therefore a man of peace, politely refused, and so was tossed out on his ear. No wonder Ron trusts him.Watch the video, then go to Kickstarter to be part of this historic film.

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Ron Paul's Big Announcement

Today on his Facebook page, RPI Founder and Chairman Ron Paul announced a new media project to bring daily, live-streaming news and analysis to all liberty-minded -- and liberty-curious -- people. Some of you may have already seen some of the early episodes of his Ron Paul Liberty Report, but today he makes it official that this is his next thing. The new project will not be behind a paywall and it will be produced right in Texas by Ron Paul and his Texas-based staff.
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Reps. Jones and McGovern In-Depth Discussion of Congress’ Constitutional War Powers

Friday morning, viewers of C-SPAN’s Washington Journal were treated to nearly an hour of in-depth discussion among Reps. Walter Jones (R-NC) and James McGovern (D-MA) and show host Peter Slen regarding the representatives’ efforts to bring to the United States House of Representatives floor debates and votes on whether to end or continue the US government’s various wars. The representatives, one a Republican and the other a Democrat, also discuss their newly created Constitutional War Study Group that will seek to regularly gather Congress members for education related to Congress’ constitutional war powers.
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CIA Boss: We Were Heroes in Error

Once again, Washington is agog over a former government insider's admission of the "mistakes" made by his agency in a memoir otherwise wholeheartedly endorsing US failed foreign policies. As Iraq and Syria fall to ISIS and al-Qaeda, as Libya's "liberation" has produced hell on earth, former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell writes in his new book that, oops, we got it wrong: we expected all these US “liberations” to undermine rather than bolstering al-Qaeda in the region.

>At more than $100 billion per year, the US Intelligence Community failed assessing the second most important US event in the past 25 years (first most important being 9/11, also botched).
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