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The Drug War and the Prison-Industrial Complex

Why does the US have the largest prison population in the entire world? One reason is the massive incentives to send Americans to the corporatist-run prison-industrial complex. The Ron Paul Liberty Report with Ron Paul and co-host Daniel McAdams of RPI welcomes special guest Will Grigg to discuss how the state of Idaho is seeking to lock up parents who seek to treat seriously ill children with non-intoxicating cannabis oil.
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Are We Really Winning Against ISIS?

When President Obama welcomed Iraqi prime minister Abadi to Washington last week he glowed with optimism over the US fight against ISIS. The US is making "serious progress" against ISIS, he said, and "what is clear is that we will be successful." RPI Director Daniel McAdams is not so sanguine over the US "fight" against ISIS, because as he tells RT, the US still has no idea what ISIS is or how it was created. ISIS is the product of US interventionism in Iraq and the idea that more US interventionism will eliminate the problem is illogical...
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VA Sending Veterans’ Mental Health Information to the FBI to Aid Gun Restrictions

A February 2012 memorandum of understanding between the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) lays out a process pursuant to which the VA has been regularly sending to the FBI mental health information about VA patients. So reports Patrick Howley at the Daily Caller on Tuesday. The mental health information transferred is intended to aid the FBI in adding individuals to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) list of individuals restricted from owning or possessing guns.
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Don’t Take Our Raisins! An Introduction to American Takings Law

With the United States Supreme Court hearing oral arguments Wednesday in Horne v. Department of Agriculture — a case concerning the application of the US Constitution’s Fifth Amendment Takings Clause to raisin farmers, it seems an appropriate time to review some of the basics of American takings, or eminent domain, law.
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Ukraine's American Finance Minister Asks John McCain for Weapons

When the US-installed government of Ukraine went shopping for a finance minister last year, it found an American woman who had not only spent a good deal of time in Ukraine but who knew how to milk the USAID gravy train. Her ability to burn through US taxpayer dollars while feathering her own nest was impressive. And why not pick an American, a US government employee, to manage the economy of a basket case country that had been adopted by the US?

Jaresko's tenure in Ukraine goes way back. In the early 2000s she was selected to manage a USAID "enterprise fund" which was capitalized with $150 million in US taxpayer dollars. It was one of the usual crony faux-capitalist boondoggles that are supposed to demonstrate to emerging countries the benefits of a market economy but in fact just reinforce the idea that the well-connected can enrich themselves by stealing someone else's money. In short, it was the US foreign policy elites subsidizing the elites of recipient country in exchange for obedience to US dictates and special deals for well-connected Americans.
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US Warships in Yemen. Why?

Although Saudi Arabia just announced the end of its bombing campaign against Yemen -- they seem to have run out of targets -- the US administration is still sending more warships to the region. They are needed, it is claimed, to prevent Iran from supplying the Houthis in Yemen. How true is this US claim? Watch the Ron Paul Liberty Report to find out!
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More Repercussions From US/European Militarism

Over the weekend, a ship filled with migrants capsized off the coast of Libya. Hundreds of people, fleeing from the Middle East and Africa were reported to be on this ship and have perished.

Libya.......That country rings a bell, right?

Didn't the U.S. and its European vassals turn that place into a living hell when they intervened and got rid of Gaddafi? That was followed by the blowback in Benghazi, and a country with militias fighting one another for power.
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Ukraine: Killing the Opposition?

This week there were two more murders of prominent Ukrainian opposition figures, bringing the total to perhaps 12. While the US government was quick to suggest that Russian president Putin was behind the killing of a minor opposition figure in February, the US has so far remained silent at the ongoing political killings in Ukraine. This edition of the Ron Paul Liberty Report covers the killings and also the arrival of US troops. Is this not a dangerous escalation?
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US to Widely Export Killer Drones

Here’s one of those “Now what could possibility go wrong?” stories.

Drones for Everyone

Reversing years of restricted sales of America’s robot drone killers, the Obama administration announced it will begin allowing sales of armed drones to some friendly and allied countries. Until now, only the UK has been allowed to purchase armed drones, though select other countries have bought unarmed craft.

The change comes as China begins exporting its own drones. Sales of drones could be worth billions to American companies.
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