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A Documentary Worthy of Ron Paul

Lew Rockwell writes on his blog:
Lots of documentary makers have approached Ron Paul over the years, but none measured up, until now. Why is this film different? because Charles Goyette is making it. Charles has the technical and artistic abilities, but so did some of the others. What he also has is devotion to principle in the Ron Paul tradition. Charles was the top Phoenix talk show host, headed for national syndication, until the owner of his station, the neocon Clear Channel, ordered him to promote George W. Bush’s monstrous war on Iraq.  Charles, a true-blue libertarian and therefore a man of peace, politely refused, and so was tossed out on his ear. No wonder Ron trusts him.Watch the video, then go to Kickstarter to be part of this historic film.

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Ron Paul's Big Announcement

Today on his Facebook page, RPI Founder and Chairman Ron Paul announced a new media project to bring daily, live-streaming news and analysis to all liberty-minded -- and liberty-curious -- people. Some of you may have already seen some of the early episodes of his Ron Paul Liberty Report, but today he makes it official that this is his next thing. The new project will not be behind a paywall and it will be produced right in Texas by Ron Paul and his Texas-based staff.
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Reps. Jones and McGovern In-Depth Discussion of Congress’ Constitutional War Powers

Friday morning, viewers of C-SPAN’s Washington Journal were treated to nearly an hour of in-depth discussion among Reps. Walter Jones (R-NC) and James McGovern (D-MA) and show host Peter Slen regarding the representatives’ efforts to bring to the United States House of Representatives floor debates and votes on whether to end or continue the US government’s various wars. The representatives, one a Republican and the other a Democrat, also discuss their newly created Constitutional War Study Group that will seek to regularly gather Congress members for education related to Congress’ constitutional war powers.
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CIA Boss: We Were Heroes in Error

Once again, Washington is agog over a former government insider's admission of the "mistakes" made by his agency in a memoir otherwise wholeheartedly endorsing US failed foreign policies. As Iraq and Syria fall to ISIS and al-Qaeda, as Libya's "liberation" has produced hell on earth, former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell writes in his new book that, oops, we got it wrong: we expected all these US “liberations” to undermine rather than bolstering al-Qaeda in the region.

>At more than $100 billion per year, the US Intelligence Community failed assessing the second most important US event in the past 25 years (first most important being 9/11, also botched).
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Gen. Breedlove Pushes Senate to Arm Ukraine...And More?

General Philip Breedlove, who serves as Commander of the US Command in Europe and NATO's top general in Europe, is a good example of what happens when the division between a military and the civilians who in a democratic society should control that military breaks down. While there have been plenty of "political" general officers in the past, Breedlove has shown a particular predilection for infusing his policy preferences -- and even fantasies -- into what should be objective assessments of military capabilities and threats. Thus he has taken every opportunity to report to the media dozens of scare stories of Russian invasions of eastern Ukraine. But thus far he has presented no evidence of these "invasions."
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Kerry ‘Issuing a Warning’ to EU on Russia Sanctions

This week US Secretary of State John Kerry met with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini in Washington where he admitted that there were some differences between the US and EU on approaches to Russia. RPI Director Daniel McAdams appeared on RT to discuss what the US secretary of state might have had in mind by this admission, and whether we can expect the Europeans to continue to toe the American line on punishing Russia for its Ukraine policy...
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Ron Paul Rewind: Oppose PATRIOT Act Renewal, Respect the Fourth Amendment

On February 8, 2011, then-Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) spoke against renewing what he termed “the three worst parts” of the USA PATRIOT Act during a US House of Representatives debate over legislation that would do just that. The provisions, without congressional action, were set to sunset — cease being United States law. Paul’s side lost that evening. But, liberty-restricting provisions of the PATRIOT Act, including section 215, are set to automatically sunset on June 1 unless the Congress again passes legislation to extend them. If the so-called “do-nothing Congress” would just live up to that label in regard to this matter, advocates for liberty would have something to cheer about come June.
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Andrew Napolitano on Unjustifiable Killings of Americans in Baltimore and Overseas

You can hear a high level of outrage in the voice of Judge Andrew Napolitano when he discusses on the Alan Colmes Show on Tuesday the death of an American in police custody in Baltimore, Maryland and the use of United States drones to kill three more Americans overseas. Napolitano expresses outrage regarding the killings themselves, as well as processes followed in the Baltimore and US governments that facilitate such killings and hide their details.

Regarding the death of Freddie Gray that has led to ongoing tension in Baltimore, Napolitano and host Alan Colmes engage in the following exchange:
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George W. Bush: Don't Talk to Iran!

Former President George W. Bush's foreign and military legacy is not one resplendent with great victories. He and his advisors -- with the help of an obedient media -- lied the US into a war on Iraq where the mission was claimed accomplished before the real war had even begun. The "victory" was soon proven to be a chimera, paving the way for the emergence of al-Qaeda and ISIS instead of the promised democracy and peace. The cakewalk was a death walk.

Afghanistan was not much different. The longest war in US history was lost almost as it began, and it is only a matter of time before the US defeat is complete.
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Ron Paul: End the Fed that Funds Perpetual War and Puts War Profiteers on the Gravy Train

Speaking April 11 in Austin at the University of Texas, former presidential candidate and United States House of Representatives member Ron Paul stressed the importance of ending the Federal Reserve. In particular, Paul explains how the Fed allows the US to pursue “perpetual war” and to put war profiteers in the military-industrial complex “on the gravy train.”
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