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Cruise Ships Exposed Coronavirus Fearmongering Deception in 2020 and Expose Coronavirus Vaccine Efficacy Deception Now

Back in March of 2020, when the coronavirus fearmongering from politicians and big money media was taking off, an outbreak of coronavirus and several deaths on the Diamond Princess cruise ship was among the examples used to stir up dread of coronavirus among the American populace. However, people who looked critically at the Diamond Princess situation realized that it suggested coronavirus did not pose an especially great threat.
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The Tyrant Says He Means Well

Tyrants just about always say they mean well in imposing tyranny. Sweeping prohibitions, coupled with harsh enforcement, the tyrants say, are necessary to advance important conditions, such as health, economic wellbeing, or defense from an enemy’s menace.
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Andrew Napolitano: Liability Shield for Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Companies is ‘Morally Wrong’ and ‘Corporatism’

Government has been paying for purchasing, promoting, and distributing experimental coronavirus “vaccines” to Americans. Government has even been mandating many people take the shots in order to continue working at their jobs, while also pressuring these and other people to take the shots by imposing vaccine passport requirements that bar from ordinary activities people who have not taken the shots.
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Some Sanity in a Covid Con World

Here’s a timely story of freedom winning out over Covid tyranny. I was scheduled to have a dental cleaning and called the dentist’s office to let them know I could not wear a face mask safely so would that be a problem? Oh no I was told, simply wait in your car and the hygienist will come get you when it’s your turn.
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Propaganda Master Anthony Fauci

The United States government’s lead coronavirus fearmonger and experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots pusher Anthony Fauci was in his usual throw the facts overboard propagandist mode in a Friday CNBC interview. 

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Wanted: Marijuana Freedom

In my May article “A Pantry Full of Marijuana,” I pined for the day when “governments across America will consider it none of their business how much marijuana people have in their homes, cars, purses, or wherever.” Such has long been the situation with legal alcohol. However, while the momentum for marijuana legalization across the Untied States remains strong, the marijuana legalization that materializes continues to have many burdensome strings attached, including limitations on how much marijuana a person can legally possess.
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Students for Liberty Director of Alumni Programs: Just Ending Sanctions on Venezuela ‘Would Be Foolish’

On Saturday, I wrote about Students for Liberty Chief Executive Officer Wolf von Laer and Director of Alumni Programs Jorge Jraissati’s Foreign Policy article focused on promoting that the United States government tweak the use of its sanctions against Venezuela to make those sanctions more effective in achieving changes in Venezuela that von Laer and Jraissati desire. I noted that promoting this policy change while not even mentioning the merit of just dropping the sanctions on Venezuela is peculiar for leaders of an organization that touts itself as the “largest libertarian student organization in the world.”

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Leaders of ‘Largest Libertarian Student Organization in the World’ Say Sanction Venezuela

You would likely expect leaders of Students for Liberty to oppose the imposing of sanctions on Venezuela. After all, the organization claims at its website that it is the “largest libertarian student organization in the world” and libertarians are known for their support for a noninterventionist foreign policy. That noninterventionist approach includes opposition to imposing sanctions on other countries to bring about “regime change” or to force changes in government policies in those countries.
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