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Ron Paul Rewind: Oppose PATRIOT Act Renewal, Respect the Fourth Amendment

On February 8, 2011, then-Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) spoke against renewing what he termed “the three worst parts” of the USA PATRIOT Act during a US House of Representatives debate over legislation that would do just that. The provisions, without congressional action, were set to sunset — cease being United States law. Paul’s side lost that evening. But, liberty-restricting provisions of the PATRIOT Act, including section 215, are set to automatically sunset on June 1 unless the Congress again passes legislation to extend them. If the so-called “do-nothing Congress” would just live up to that label in regard to this matter, advocates for liberty would have something to cheer about come June.
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Andrew Napolitano on Unjustifiable Killings of Americans in Baltimore and Overseas

You can hear a high level of outrage in the voice of Judge Andrew Napolitano when he discusses on the Alan Colmes Show on Tuesday the death of an American in police custody in Baltimore, Maryland and the use of United States drones to kill three more Americans overseas. Napolitano expresses outrage regarding the killings themselves, as well as processes followed in the Baltimore and US governments that facilitate such killings and hide their details.

Regarding the death of Freddie Gray that has led to ongoing tension in Baltimore, Napolitano and host Alan Colmes engage in the following exchange:
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George W. Bush: Don't Talk to Iran!

Former President George W. Bush's foreign and military legacy is not one resplendent with great victories. He and his advisors -- with the help of an obedient media -- lied the US into a war on Iraq where the mission was claimed accomplished before the real war had even begun. The "victory" was soon proven to be a chimera, paving the way for the emergence of al-Qaeda and ISIS instead of the promised democracy and peace. The cakewalk was a death walk.

Afghanistan was not much different. The longest war in US history was lost almost as it began, and it is only a matter of time before the US defeat is complete.
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Ron Paul: End the Fed that Funds Perpetual War and Puts War Profiteers on the Gravy Train

Speaking April 11 in Austin at the University of Texas, former presidential candidate and United States House of Representatives member Ron Paul stressed the importance of ending the Federal Reserve. In particular, Paul explains how the Fed allows the US to pursue “perpetual war” and to put war profiteers in the military-industrial complex “on the gravy train.”
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Kansas One-Ups Texas by Adopting Concealed Carry without Classes, Fees, or a Surveillance Database

Many people perceive Texas as a bastion of rugged individualism and minimal government. Kansas not so much so. This month both states’ governments are moving toward implementing laws removing some restrictions on people carrying handguns. Yet only Kansas is doing so without requiring an individual to take a course, pay a fee, and put his personal information into a government database — perfect for facilitating surveillance — before being able to legally carry a handgun.

On April 2, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed into law SB 45. The bill legalizes the carrying of concealed handguns by many people in Kansas without the requirement that they first pay a fee, take a class, obtain a permit, or provide personal information for inclusion in a government database.
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US Funded Industrial Park in Afghanistan Found With Only One Business and No Electricity . . . And Missing Records

We have yet another example of how we are wasting billions of dollars in Afghanistan where a combination of incompetence and corruption continues to drain the  US treasury. This week, SIGAR released two reports showing how, an inspection of the $7.8 million Shorandam Industrial Park in Kandahar is an utter failure and how the money to create a sustainable source of power for Kandahar City has left the city literally in the dark. Once again, there is no indication of any discipline or action taken against those who approve such projects and oversee such failures.
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The Drug War and the Prison-Industrial Complex

Why does the US have the largest prison population in the entire world? One reason is the massive incentives to send Americans to the corporatist-run prison-industrial complex. The Ron Paul Liberty Report with Ron Paul and co-host Daniel McAdams of RPI welcomes special guest Will Grigg to discuss how the state of Idaho is seeking to lock up parents who seek to treat seriously ill children with non-intoxicating cannabis oil.
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Are We Really Winning Against ISIS?

When President Obama welcomed Iraqi prime minister Abadi to Washington last week he glowed with optimism over the US fight against ISIS. The US is making "serious progress" against ISIS, he said, and "what is clear is that we will be successful." RPI Director Daniel McAdams is not so sanguine over the US "fight" against ISIS, because as he tells RT, the US still has no idea what ISIS is or how it was created. ISIS is the product of US interventionism in Iraq and the idea that more US interventionism will eliminate the problem is illogical...
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VA Sending Veterans’ Mental Health Information to the FBI to Aid Gun Restrictions

A February 2012 memorandum of understanding between the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) lays out a process pursuant to which the VA has been regularly sending to the FBI mental health information about VA patients. So reports Patrick Howley at the Daily Caller on Tuesday. The mental health information transferred is intended to aid the FBI in adding individuals to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) list of individuals restricted from owning or possessing guns.
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Don’t Take Our Raisins! An Introduction to American Takings Law

With the United States Supreme Court hearing oral arguments Wednesday in Horne v. Department of Agriculture — a case concerning the application of the US Constitution’s Fifth Amendment Takings Clause to raisin farmers, it seems an appropriate time to review some of the basics of American takings, or eminent domain, law.
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