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Ron Paul: Look to Switzerland for Path toward Peace

Former US presidential candidate and House of Representatives member Ron Paul says people seeking to advance peace can learn much from looking to Switzerland.

Paul made his recommendation in an extensive interview with host Eric Dubin on Liberty Rising Radio focused on Paul’s new book Swords into Plowshares: A Life in Wartime and a Future of Peace and Prosperity.

Paul states in the interview that he likes Switzerland’s “very successful national defense,” and adds “there is no reason that we can’t use that as a starting point.”
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Video: TSA Supervisor Threatens Young Man Filming the Patdown Of His Father

We have yet another case of a police or security officer threatening a citizen for recording an encounter. The videotape below was taken by a young man who filmed the putdown of his father at the New Orleans airport. The supervisor warns the young man that he will be arrested for filming the public scene.

.What is most striking is that the young man calmly explains that that TSA regulations allow such filming so long as people do not photographs the monitors. This appears news to the TSA supervisor who should be aware of such key regulations. The young man was right. Here is the language from the TSA
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The Deadly Fallacy of Good Intentions

From "humanitarian" interventions to regulating what we put in our bodies, the "good intentions" of governments often produce the most horrific results. Today's Liberty Report looks at the worst of tyrannies -- those constructed for your own good...
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On Social Security? Obama Wants Your Gun!

In a move that Alan Zarembo of the Los Angeles Times reports could result in the US government barring millions of Americans from owning guns, President Barack Obama’s administration has been quietly planning to have the Social Security Administration report the private information of Social Security recipients to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

Among the millions of people who may, as a result, be deprived of the ability to legally possess guns are, Zarembo notes, about 1.5 million Social Security recipients who “have their finances handled by others for a variety of reasons” and about 2.7 million people who receive Social Security disability payments due to mental health problems.
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NSA Spies on Enemies...And Friends!

What are the long-term consequences of recent revelations that the NSA has for decades spied on the top leaders of the closest US allies? While neither German Chancellor Merkel nor French President Hollande have been particularly outwardly annoyed at the revelations, what will French and German citizens feel about such an affront to national pride? And what of US spying on French industry -- was it stealing technology to help well-connected US firms? More on this today in the Ron Paul Liberty Report...
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‘This Flag Never Goes Down’: Amazon Reportedly Takes Down Historical Book On Confederate Flag Due To Confederate Flag On Cover

The extensive move to remove the Confederate Flag from public and some commercial settings has raised serious concerns over both free speech and academic freedom. While the flag has been used as a racist symbol, it is also a historical symbol. According to one author, that distinction appears to have been lost by Amazon, which reportedly took done the book by Michael Dreese, a civil war author with six books on the conflict. Two of those books concern both the Union and Confederate battle flags and their roles in the Civil War. However, “This Flag Never Goes Down” (a book on the Confederate flag) was taken down by Amazon from its listed works.
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AIPAC Employees Told to Ax Summer Vacation Plans and Gear Up to Fight Iran Deal

Cancel your summer vacations.

That was the order AIPAC’s executive director, Howard Kohr, gave his employees in a staff meeting convened this week at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee after the United States announced the Iran nuclear deal, reports the Jerusalem Post.

According to the Jerusalem Post, AIPAC’s Kohr distributed a phone script on Thursday morning to AIPAC’s tens of thousands of activists directed at members of Congress.
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Obama to Bibi: Want Some (More) Money?

Ron Paul has always said that US foreign policy is incredibly simple: do what we say and we will send you money; disobey and we will bomb you. While there is (fortunately) little threat of the US dropping bombs on Israel over that country's hysterical opposition to the recently-agreed Iran deal, the carrot has just become even more gold plated. 

According to the New York Times, President Obama called Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week to promise him a massive increase in US military aid -- from the current $3 billion per year to $4.5 billion -- as bribe money to soothe Israeli fury over the possibility of peace breaking out between the US and Iran.
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