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The Risks of Clinton’s Syrian ‘No-Fly Zone’

The most consequential statement by Secretary Clinton in last night’s debate was her pronouncement that a no-fly zone over Syria could “save lives and hasten the end of the conflict,” that a no-fly zone would provide “safe zones on the ground” was in “the best interests of the people on the ground in Syria” and would “help us with our fight against ISIS.”

It would do none of the above. A US attempt to impose a no-fly zone in Syria would, as Secretary Clinton once cautioned a Goldman Sachs audience, “kill a lot of Syrians,” and, according to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Dunford, lead to a war with Russia. If the US has not been invited into a country to establish a “no-fly zone” such an action is, in fact, an invasion, an act of war.
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Lew Rockwell Says Listen to George Washington, Not Obama and Clinton, on Fear of Russia

Lew Rockwell commented this week, as a guest at RT, on the effort by President Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and others to stir in Americans a fear of Russia. Likening the effort to an effort made during the cold war to stir in Americans a fear of the Soviet Union, Rockwell, who is the chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and publisher of, urges individuals to look instead to the advice of President George Washington.
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Turkey Air Raid Kills 200 Kurdish Fighters in Syria

Turkey has long insisted they view the Kurdish YPG and ISIS as basically the same thing. Overnight incidents around the city of Afrin, however, show that when the two forces are in close proximity, the Turkish military is definitely going after the Kurds.

The Kurdish YPG forces were launching an offensive near Afrin against the ISIS fighters when a flurry of Turkish airstrikes were launched against them, described as the single biggest attack Turkey has launched against Kurds since their invasion back in August. Turkish officials estimated 200 Kurds killed.
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Are We Reaching a Tipping Point for Liberty?

In today’s episode of Lions of Liberty, host Marc Clair welcomes Adam Dick of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity back to the show! Adam first appeared on this program way back in episode 40, not long after starting to write for the Ron Paul Institute, after having previously served on Dr. Paul’s congressional staff. Adam and Marc discuss Adam’s latest publication,“A Tipping Point for Liberty: Exposing and Defeating Leviathan Government”, collecting much of Adam’s writing over the past 3 years. Adam has a knack for finding stories which often highlight positive steps in the direction of liberty, and we look at a few stories highlighting recent progress made in the War on Drugs and foreign policy realms. Adam then lets loose on his criticisms of the Johnson-Weld Libertarian ticket, and explains why they would rightfully be received more positively by libertarians if they weren’t running as “Libertarians.”
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Peace is an Issue in 2016

The final presidential debate needs an honest discussion about America’s role in the world, our failed, costly interventions, and whether either candidate has the intention or the ability to turn America away from expanding wars and, ultimately toward peace.

As a member of Congress I was an eyewitness and an active voice and vote against the genesis and funding of wars in Iraq and Libya. I challenged US covert intervention in Syria and its alliance with Saudi Arabia in support of jihadists. I saw both Republican and Democratic administrations and congresses, blindly support wars, even when they promised to end them, by voting to fund military action overtly and covertly.
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Dennis Kucinich: FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton Was Fixed in Her Favor

Speaking Monday on Fox News with host Neil Cavuto, former Democratic presidential candidate and United States House of Representatives Member from Ohio Dennis Kucinich opined that, from early on, the US government’s investigation of Hillary Clinton for mishandling confidential information while she was Secretary of State was fixed in her favor.
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The Podesta Emails: Who's to Blame?

RPI Director Daniel McAdams is today's guest on Sputnik's Loud and Clear to discuss the Wikileaks release of thousands of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta. According to the Clinton camp -- and amplified by a compliant mainstream media -- the email hack is all the doing of the Russians, who are pulling out all stops to get Trump elected president. Are the Russians feeding intercepted material to Wikileaks to influence the US election? Does Putin really want Trump as president? How much proof does Clinton and the media have for their claims? Listen to the whole segment...
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