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The US Government Versus Home Sweet Home

Over the last few decades the United States government has been working on degrading Americans’ homes one piece at a time. A new proposal the US government is considering would add gas stoves commonly used in the kitchens of homes across the country to its list of forbidden yet highly valued home items.
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Killer Shots and Justice

A Rasmussen Reports survey of American adults conducted last week found that 28 percent of the polled individuals “personally know” someone whose death “may have been caused by side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.” These same experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots were relentlessly proclaimed by government officials and media commentators throughout the coronavirus scare as “safe and effective” for everyone.

Even a greater percentage of individuals queried by Rasmussen Reports — 49 percent — said it is either somewhat likely (21 percent) or very likely (28 percent) that “side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths.”

With the suspicion that the coronavirus shots are killers this widespread in America, and likely to continue to become more prevalent as both more information comes out about the shots and the coronavirus scare recedes into history, it seems like governments, corporations, and individuals behind the fast-track creation and approval, the promotion, the widespread distribution, and the mandated injection of the shots will likely increasingly find themselves in legal jeopardy.
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Big Brother in the Big Apple

“Big Brother is protecting you.” That is a quote from New York City Mayor Eric Adams in a Saturday article at Politico. Adams made the comment in defense of the extensive web of high-tech surveillance his city government deploys against people in America’s most populous city, as well as the mayor’s desire to expand the surveilling.
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Dennis Kucinich Discusses the Pressure on Congress Members to Support War

Dennis Kucinich proved his antiwar bona fides over 16 years in the United States House of Representatives as a Democrat from Ohio and two campaigns for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. In a new interview with host Chris Hedges at The Chris Hedges Report, Kucinich discusses some of the pressure members of Congress are under that helps ensure that few members speak out against war like he did.
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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Andrew Napolitano, a 2024 Third-Party Presidential Ticket?

The 2024 United States presidential race would become much more interesting if Children’s Health Defense Founder and Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who has tenaciously challenged the tyranny and propaganda pursued in the name of countering coronavirus, runs for president with legal scholar and former New Jersey Judge Andrew Napolitano as his running mate on a third-party ticket. That is the presidential ticket possibility suggested by political commentator and trends forecaster Gerald Celente in a Friday interview with host David Knight at the David Knight Show.
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Chaining Down the Tyrant in the Texas Governor’s Mansion

Texas Governor Greg Abbott went into tyrant mode in 2020 on the excuse of a coronavirus “emergency.” He unilaterally imposed a plethora of mandates and new government programs. Included among Abbott’s actions that year were statewide forced closures of businesses, schools, and other places beginning in March, as well as mandated mask wearing beginning in July.
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After Backlash, San Francisco Government Quickly Moves from Authorizing to Banning Police Using Robots to Kill

Public backlash can lead government to reverse power overreaches, and to do so quickly.

On Tuesday of last week, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to authorize police to use drones or robots to kill via remote control in the California city. Then, a week later — on Tuesday of this week, the board reversed course, voting to prohibit this siccing of killer robots or drones on people. The board voted 8-3 for the reversal — the same vote total by which the board the week before had approved the police using robots or drones to kill.

J.D. Morris reported at the San Francisco Chronicle that the reversal by the Board of Supervisors followed a “wave of public outcry from community members” and outvoted board members threatening they would push for the matter to be decided by a public vote if the board did not reverse its decision.
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McAdams on Biden Family & Global Interests Tied to Ukraine

The incoming Republican majority in the House is promising a number of investigations into the Biden Administrations policies, specifically those related to government finances and foreign policy. One America's Stella Escobedo spoke to Daniel McAdams, the Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. Watch the interview here...
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REAL ID Requirement for Travelers Delayed Until May 2025

The United States government’s Department of Homeland Security announced Monday it is delaying until May of 2025 requiring people to present REAL ID compliant identification to make it through security checkpoints at American airports. This delay extends a previous delay in implementation of the requirement that was set to expire in May of 2023.
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