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Truth About Aleppo: RPI's Daniel McAdams Debates

RPI Director Daniel McAdams joins independent journalist Vanessa Beeley and columnist for The Hill Brent Budowsky to discuss real versus fake news on Aleppo. Is it a liberation or an extermination? Sparks fly in this half-hour heated exchange so you won't want to miss it...
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Don’t Just Legalize Marijuana, End the Entire Drug War

Voters approving marijuana legalization in four more states on November 8 took another bite out of the drug war in America. Still, in regard to other drugs, the drug war rages on. Also, many state and local governments, as well as the United States government, continue to fight a war on marijuana.
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Rep. Thomas Massie: Judge President Trump on Adherence to Nonaggression Principle

Speaking this week with host Kennedy at Fox Business, US House Member Thomas Massie (R-KY) insisted that Donald Trump’s performance as president should be judged according to whether Trump adheres to the nonaggression principle that Massie describes as “the heart of libertarian principles.” Massie proceeded in the interview to define briefly the nonaggression principle as that “you don’t attack somebody if they don’t attack you.”
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Judge Napolitano on Sanctuary Cities’ Challenge to US Government Power

In a Thursday video commentary at the Fox News website, Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the relationship between local government powers and United States government powers that will be on display should Donald Trump, as president, seek to deport large numbers of illegal immigrants. If Trump attempts to implement such deportations, intergovernmental conflict would be expected due to resistance by numerous local governments, including the governments of several of the largest population American cities, that have declared themselves sanctuary cities.
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State Department to Hungary: 'Let NGOs Decide Terrorism Cases'

On September 16th, Syrian-born Ahmed Hamed crossed illegally into Hungary as he sought a new residence in the European Union. Hungary had by then already experienced several waves of migrants, many fleeing the chaos produced by US regime change policy in Syria, and the center-right government of Viktor Orban had made the decision to protect Hungarian borders. There were already numerous press reports that among the migrants were an unknown number of terrorists intent on attacking perhaps Hungary and the rest of Europe, so Hungarian caution was hardly an imprudent approach. In all, half a million people illegally entered Hungary earlier this year.
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Washington Post: Pentagon Suppresses its Own Study of $125 Billion in Waste

In a stunning and exquisitely timed article, the Washington Post tells us that the leadership of the Pentagon tried to suppress a study it requested of its own Defense Business Board.  The Board found $125 billion in waste in DOD's management of its own personnel over five years of spending.  Moreover, that same DOD leadership rejected the opportunity to reinvest this money in combat forces.
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The War on Cash in South Korea

The South Korean government is preparing to move to a cashless society as the Bank of Korea plans to phase out all coinage by 2020. Apparently not all governments are proceeding as quickly as the Indian government. South Korea’s government hopes to get its citizenry to deposit their coinage onto electronic travel passes that are widely accepted throughout the country. The Bank of Korea will undoubtedly watch to see how smoothly the phaseout of coinage proceeds in order to set a deadline further in the future for the eventual phaseout of paper notes.
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McCarthyism Is Breaking Out All Over

Seasoned journalist, White House official, and historian Pat Buchanan has responded to the Washington Post’s fake news about the independent journalists on the 200 List being Russian agents by reminding us that the US government has always been a major disseminator of fake news. 

No one knows who is behind the newly created PropOrNot website that came up with the list of 200 “Russian agents,” but it is as likely as not the State Department funded National Endowment for Democracy, which has been peddling propaganda as fake news since its inception. Indeed, it was created for the purpose of destabilizing the Soviet Union. Of course the CIA could be involved, or Israel, or George Soros, or some neoconservative group, or some new government funded organization as a tool of the propaganda war that the Obama regime has vowed to fight.
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