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Is NYT Growing Weary of Kiev?

The New York Times has long performed the role of regime stenographer when it comes to US foreign policy. There is not a US intervention it does not whole-heartedly champion regardless of which party is in the White House. War is good for the New York Times and the other mainstream media outlets. Cozying up to the US regime keeps Americans ill-informed but keeps the fourth estate within the circle of the elites.

Which brings us to Ukraine today, where the resumption of war predicted in these pages is coming ever closer. As we have seen too many times to count, the US-backed regime in Kiev in times of increased tension begins to make dramatic claims about Russian tanks and other military equipment pouring over the border into Ukraine. A Russian invasion! No photographs are ever provided, but these claims are uncritically repeated by Kiev's friends in the US embassy including by US Ambassador Geoff Pyatt. Pyatt, we remember, was instrumental in planning, along with Victoria "F*** the EU" Nuland, the February Ukrainian coup.
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Is Kiev Preparing Another Attack?

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko has steadily ramped up the rhetoric following last weekend's elections in breakaway eastern regions of the country. In just 15 minutes today, the US-backed leader racked up more than 30 Tweets mixing threats against the breakaway Donbas region of eastern Ukraine with promises of "free-trade zones" and "budgetary decentralization."

Some of Poroshenko's Tweets sound a bit like the seductive promises of the big bad wolf, particularly considering the recent findings by Human Rights Watch that the Kiev government used cluster bombs against the civilian population of the breakaway regions.
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Scream! Top Ten Government Things to Be Afraid of for Halloween

The government’s main function these days is to promote fear among Americans.

Fear is good for our current way of life, allowing your opinion and votes to be manipulated, and to make sure you’ll go along with any terrible things the government wishes to do to you (surveillance, wars, detentions, quarantines, shredding of the bill of rights…)

So, in honor of Halloween, our scariest holiday other than election day, here is the Official Government-Approved List of Fears:
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RPI: Still Lean and Mean...But Growing!

Readers of the Ron Paul Institute's work over the past year or so will most likely recognize the frequent appearance of Adam Dick on the website. Adam has written more than 200 articles and blog posts for the Institute as a part-time contractor. 

Dr. Paul and I are very pleased to announce that Adam has now joined the Ron Paul Institute full-time as a senior fellow, with his role expanding to include increased writing and editing, management of RPI programs, and work on special publishing projects.
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