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'Regime Change Doesn't Work!' - Sen Paul Hammers Biden's Sec State Pick

While the saccharine continue to ooze from the mainstream media for the incoming Biden Administration, the real iron fist of what will be the Biden foreign policy is starting to materialize. As if on cue, major bombings in Baghdad - by ISIS...remember them? - have opened the door for the Biden Administration to not only cancel President Trump's troop drawdown from Iraq but to actually begin sending troops back into Iraq.
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New Peer-Reviewed Study: Lockdowns Are No Good Against Coronavirus

Across the world, people have been suffering because of coronavirus crackdowns marketed as means to limit or even stop the spread of coronavirus. Yet, looking around, many people have observed that it seems there is little to no benefit from oppressive measures such as stay-at-home and business closure orders given that coronavirus spread and dangers appear not to be significantly reduced in countries that impose harsh mandates as compared to those that maintain greater respect for liberty and commerce.
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Ron Paul on Facebook Blocking Him and the Move Toward Fascism

Interviewed Wednesday by host Stuart Varney at Fox Businesses, libertarian communicator and former United States House of Representatives member Ron Paul shared some of his thoughts about Facebook’s “absurd” blocking of Paul from using his Facebook account, as well as about the related threat of fascism.
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Drawing Lots with Coronavirus Vaccination

There were delays and some people were turned away at San Diego’s new “Vaccination Super Station” near PetCo Park on Wednesday after, in a short time period, six people had allergic reactions after receiving their experimental coronavirus vaccine shots.
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Mask Wearing and Denial of Our Humanity

People covering their faces from the nose down as they go about their daily activities, as demanded by many governments and businesses in the name of countering coronavirus, is dehumanizing. Even most people who falsely think “the science” has established wearing masks prevents the spread of coronavirus, in addition to individuals who know better but wear masks to avoid punishment or uncomfortable confrontation, are aware of the dehumanizing effect.
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Twitter’s Outrageous Reason Offered for Permanently Banning President Donald Trump from Twitter Could Be Used to Ban Anyone

Twitter announced on Friday that it has permanently banned President Donald Trump from Twitter. The reason offered in the announcement is one that could be used to ban anyone from Twitter. The announcement is effectively a declaration that nobody is safe from the arbitrary exercise of Twitter’s power to close down accounts.
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