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Report: Chapel Hill Police Chief Ordered Officers To Stay Back As Protesters Tore Down Confederate Statue

We recently discussed the latest destruction of a statue in North Carolina and I expressed my skepticism over the inaction of police as well as the absence of significant arrests for a crime committed openly in public while surrounded by officers.  Now, WRAL-TV obtained text messages and emails that showed Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue actually ordered his officers to back off as protesters were destroying a century-old statue.

The destruction of the Confederate monument known as “Silent Sam” followed a familiar pattern. Earlier this year, I was critical of the handling of the prosecution of various protesters in North Carolina who torn down a statue in public and then celebrated their criminal acts in broad daylight. Because the statue of a civil war memorial, the act of property destruction was condoned by many and Durham District Attorney Roger Echols caved to the pressure in dropping all charges against everyone.  It was effective immunity for a popular criminal act — a dangerous concept in any legal system.
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More US Sanctions on Russia: RPI's Daniel McAdams on Why Trump's Being Played

Is President Trump even in any kind of control of his own Administration? His Treasury Department has slapped new sanctions on Russia over a list of grievances that sound like they could have come from a Hillary or an Obama Administration. Poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans and the vast majority of Republicans want the President to get on with improving relations with Russia, yet his Administration is moving in the opposite direction. RPI Director Daniel McAdams is interviewed on how the Trump Administration's foreign policy seems to be out of the hands of Trump...
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